Updated April 26, 2019



Advising Faculty


1.     Stephen Graham – Literature (coordinator)

2.     Richard Aldous – History

3.     Laurie Dahlberg - Art History

4.     Deirdre D’Albertis – Literature

5.     Daniel Williams - Literature



Concentration Requirements


The interdisciplinary Victorian Studies concentration guides students in their exploration of the politics, culture, and society of Britain and the United States in the 19th century.  Grounded in the significant relationship between history and literature, this interdivisional concentration is structured so as to enable concentrators to plan a course of study around specific topics in these areas and in such diverse fields as economics, history of science, anthropology, art history, and photography. 


Moderation Requirements:


1.     19th Century LIT course

2.      200-level survey course on British history and literature


Students in Victorian studies moderate jointly into the Victorian Studies concentration and a divisional program (for example, literature or historical studies) and are responsible for meeting the requirements of both.  Faculty from the divisional program and the Victorian Studies concentration sit on the Moderation board.

Graduation Requirements:


3.     Upper College seminar in Victorian Studies 

4.     Upper College seminar in Victorian Studies   

5.     Senior Project I

6.     Senior Project II

 Victorian studies majors are encouraged to approach concentration faculty to arrange tutorials or independent study projects on topics of special interest, in preparation for the Senior Project. Two faculty members from the concentration must be included on the Senior Project board.