Division of the Arts


Updated August 22, 2019



Advising Faculty

1.     Gideon Lester (director)

2.     Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas

3.     Miriam Felton-Dansky

4.     Jack Ferver

5.     Lynn Hawley

6.     Chiori Miyagawa

7.     Jonathan Rosenberg

8.     Jean Wagner



Non-advising Faculty:


9.     Liza Dickinson

10.   Neil Gaiman (leave of absence 2019-20)

11.   Emilio Rojas

12.   Geoffrey Sobelle

13.   David Szlasa





Program Requirements:


Areas of Study: The Theater and Performance Program offers courses in Context, Technique, and Creative Practice and Research, and students are required to take classes in all three areas of study. 


·         Context courses include the history of theater and performance, contemporary practice, theories of theater and performance, dramatic literature, world theater. 

·         Technique courses include skills-based classes in playwriting, directing, acting, voice, movement, dramatic structure, performance, and composition. 

·         Creative Practice and Research comprises productions, performance laboratories, master classes and specialized workshops.


Before Moderation the curriculum emphasizes courses in Context and Technique, ensuring that a strong foundation is built in the first two years study.  After Moderation more prominence is given to Creative Practice and Research.


Moderation Requirements: The following 5 courses are required for students wishing to moderate into the Theater and Performance Program:


1.      Introduction to Theater and Performance: Revolutions in Time and Space

2.      Introduction to Theater Making (Spring semester)

3.      Introduction to Acting: The Actor and the Moment

4.      Introduction to Playwriting: the Theatrical Voice

5.      Introduction to Theater History (Fall semester)


In addition, students participate in the creation and performance of a group-devised Moderation project.


       Graduation Requirements:


6.     Course from the Context area of study

7.     Course from the Context area of study

8.     Course from the Technique area of study

9.     Course from the Technique area of study

10.   Course from the Creative Practice and Research area of study

11.   Course from the Creative Practice and Research area of study

12.   *Junior/Senior Colloquium (each semester in both Junior and Senior years)

13.   *Production/technical theater workshops

14.   Senior Project I

15.   Senior Project II


* = only required for students entering the College in or after Fall semester 2015


After Moderation, students are required to take 2 courses from a menu of options in each of the 3 areas of study – Context, Technique, Creative Practice and Research – for a total of 6 courses.  In addition, students complete a Senior Project; a group-devised production or performance in combination with a written assignment, which carries the equivalent workload and credit of 2 courses.