Updated August 13, 2018




Advising Faculty


1.        Matthew Deady - Physics (co-coordinator)

2.        Gregory B. Moynahan - History (co-coordinator)

3.        Paul Cadden-Zimansky – Physics

4.        Laurie Dahlberg - Art History

5.        Sanjaya DeSilva – Economics

6.        Jacqueline Goss - Film and Electronic Arts

7.        Lianne Habinek – Literature (leave of absence 2018-19)

8.        Mark D. Halsey – Mathematics

9.        Felicia Keesing – Biology

10.     Keith O’Hara – Computer Science

11.     David Shein – Philosophy

12.     Sophia Stamatopoulou-Robbins – Anthropology

13.     Alice Stroup - History

14.     Yuka Suzuki – Anthropology


Program Requirements


Moderation Requirements:


1.        Course in the Science, Mathematics, and Computing Division (AP science courses may count) 

2.        2nd course in the S,M&C Division (AP science courses may count) 

3.        STS core course


The student's plan for a sequence of courses at moderation will be particularly important in more established fields of interest within STS such as the "History and Philosophy of Science" and "Non-Fiction Science Education and Documentation." In these cases, students would be required to complete particular key courses in the program. See the program website for more detailed information.


Graduation Requirements:


4.        3rd course in the S,M&C Division (a one year sequence in one field is preferred) (AP science courses may count)

5.        2nd STS core course

6.        STS cross-listed course

7.        STS cross-listed course outside student’s home division

8.        Methodology course, usually in policy analysis or statistics (recommended but not required)

9.        A senior project informed by themes relating to the social role of science and technology as it relates to the topic of the student’s primary concentration