Updated August 13, 2018



Advising Faculty


1.        Nicole Caso (director)

2.        Patricia López-Gay

3.        Melanie Nicholson



Program Requirements


Moderation Requirements:


Native speakers of Spanish and students who have previously studied Spanish should consult with their adviser to determine which courses will fulfill the language requirements.


1.     SPAN 106 Basic Intensive Spanish (12 credits)

or SPAN 110 Accelerated First-Year Spanish (or the equivalent)

2.     SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I (or the equivalent)

3.     SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II (or the equivalent)

4.     Spanish literature course (may be taught in English)

5.     Spanish literature course (may be taught in English)


When possible, students should take SPAN 301 Introduction to Spanish Literature or SPAN 302 Introduction to Latin American Literature to fulfill one of the two Spanish literature requirements for moderation.


Graduation Requirements:


6.     Spanish Studies seminar

7.     Spanish Studies seminar

8.     Spanish Studies seminar

9.     Senior Project I

10.   Senior Project II


In addition to the three required post-moderation Spanish Studies seminars, students are highly encouraged to take one or more courses in literature taught in English, including literary theory.  Study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country for at least one semester is highly recommended for this program.



Sample Program of Study


First Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year


• SPAN 106 (12 credits)

• SPAN 201

• FYSEM I (fall)

• FYSEM II (spring)


• SPAN 202

• SPAN 301

• SPAN/LIT 240


Moderation (spring)


• SPAN 235

• SPAN 302

• SPAN 306

• LIT 390



• Sr. Project I (fall)

• Sr. Project II (spring)

• SPAN 356