Division of Social Studies


Updated August 9, 2018



Advising Faculty


1.     Richard H. Davis (director)

2.     Bruce Chilton

3.     Matthew Lynch

4.     David Nelson

5.     Shai Secunda

6.     Dominique Townsend



Program Requirements


Religion offerings are organized within three primary approaches to the study of religious phenomena: interpretive, historical, and theoretical. Students considering the religion major are strongly encouraged to explore several of the five major religious traditions of the world offered in the Bard curriculum: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. Majors are encouraged to take courses relevant to the study of religion offered by other programs. Courses outside the program that centrally involve religious issues or texts may, in consultation with the adviser, be counted as religion courses.


Moderation Guidelines:


1.     REL course using interpretive approach

2.     REL course using historical approach

3.     REL course using theoretical approach

4.     REL elective course


Graduation Guidelines:


5.     Language course relevant to area of study, such as Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Latin, or Sanskrit. (strongly recommended but not required)

6.     Language course relevant to area of study (strongly recommended but not required)

7.     REL elective course

8.     REL elective course

9.     REL elective course

10.   REL 269 Sacred Pursuits: Seminar in the Study of Religion

11.   REL Colloquium (2 credits)

12.   REL Colloquium (2 credits)

13.   REL Colloquium (does not have to be for credit)

14.   REL Colloquium (does not have to be for credit)

15.   Senior Project I

16.   Senior Project II



Sample Program of Study


First Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year


interpretive REL course

FYSEM I (fall)

FYSEM II (spring)


theoretical REL course

historical REL course

REL elective

REL Colloquium (2-credit)


Moderation (spring)


REL 269

language course

language course

REL Colloquium (2-credit)

REL Colloquium (0-credit)


Sr. Project I (fall)

Sr. Project II (spring)

REL elective

REL elective

REL Colloquium (0-credit)