Division of Social Studies

Website:  http://politicalstudies.bard.edu

Updated August 9, 2018



Advising Faculty


1.     Sanjib Baruah (director fall ’18)

2.     Omar G. Encarnaciσn (director) (on sabbatical fall ’18)

3.     Jonathan Becker

4.     Roger Berkowitz - Pre-Law Adviser

5.     Kevin Duong

6.     Simon Gilhooley

7.     Samantha Hill

8.     James P. Ketterer

9.     David Kettler

10.   Christopher McIntosh

11.   Walter Russell Mead

12.   Michelle Murray (leave of absence fall ’18)

13.   Cassandra Sweet



Program Requirements


The Political Studies program offers courses in six subfields of political science: Comparative Politics, American Politics, International Relations, Political Economy, Political Theory, and Public Law. Many political studies majors also choose a concentration outside of the program, such as Latin American and Iberian studies, Asian studies, global and international studies, or human rights.  Each of these programs has its own requirements which the student is also expected to fulfill.


Moderation Requirements:


1.     PS core intro course in one of the six subfields

2.     PS core intro course in one of the six subfields 

3.     PS core intro course in one of the six subfields 

4.     PS elective course

5.     PS elective course


Graduation Requirements:


1.     PS 300-level or above seminar 

2.     PS 300-level or above seminar   

3.     PS 300-level or above seminar

4.     Senior Project I

5.     Senior Project II


Depending on the interests of the student, and with the approval of the academic advisor, one of the 300-level or above seminars may come from a related social science discipline, such as economics or sociology, from study abroad, and from Bard’s Global and International Affairs (BGIA) in New York City.  All students are required to complete a senior project that examines a political problem/puzzle or that synthesizes the political science literature of a major subject, such as democracy, ethnic conflict, and war.



Sample Program of Study


First Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year


• PS core course

• PS elective course

• FYSEM I (fall)

• FYSEM II (spring)


• PS core course

• PS core course

• PS elective course


Moderation (spring)


• PS 300-level seminar

• PS 300-level seminar


• Sr. Project I (fall)

• Sr. Project II (spring)

• PS 300-level seminar