Updated August 13, 2018



Advising Faculty


1.     Karen Sullivan - Literature (coordinator)

2.     Katherine M. Boivin - Art History

3.     Maria Sachiko Cecire Literature

4.     Jay Elliott Philosophy

5.     Marisa Libbon Literature

6.     Joseph Mansky - Literature

7.     Alice Stroup - History



Concentration Requirements


The Medieval Studies concentration exposes students to the medieval civilizations of Europe and the Middle East through a range of disciplines. Medieval Studies is a concentration (a secondary field of study) that requires students to major in a primary program.


Moderation Requirements:


1.     Medieval Studies cross-listed survey course

2.     Medieval Studies cross-listed survey course


Examples of survey courses include: HIST 2110 Early Middle Ages; HIST 3117 High Middle Ages; ARTH 220 Early Medieval Art and Architecture; LIT 204 Comparative Literature I; and LIT 250 English Literature I.


Graduation Requirements:


3.     Medieval Studies cross-listed course

4.     Medieval Studies cross-listed course

5.     300-level Medieval Studies cross-listed course

6.     Senior Project I

7.     Senior Project II


Before undertaking research for the Senior Project, students must demonstrate reading knowledge of at least one appropriate language, either medieval or modern, in addition to modern English. At least two members of the Senior Project board must be affiliated with Medieval Studies.