Updated April 25, 2019



Advising Faculty


1.     Cecile E. Kuznitz – History and Jewish Studies (coordinator)

2.     Leon Botstein - Music and History

3.     Bruce Chilton – Religion

4.     Yuval Elmelech – Sociology

5.     Elizabeth Frank – Literature

6.     David Nelson – Religion

7.     Joel Perlmann – Sociology

8.     Justus Rosenberg – Literature

9.     Shai Secunda – Religion



Concentration Requirements


Students concentrating in Jewish Studies also moderate into a primary program such as history, religion, literature, or sociology.


Moderation Requirements:


Moderation follows the procedure for the primary program. The board consists of the student’s advisor, who is a member of the Jewish Studies Program, and two faculty members from the primary program into which the student is moderating. The moderation should demonstrate that the student is making progress in both Jewish Studies and his or her primary program.  Two Jewish Studies courses should be taken prior to moderation.


Graduation Requirements:


Students are required to take a minimum of five courses (20 credits) in the concentration, which shall include:


1.     JS 101 Introduction to Jewish Studies, OR

HIST 181 Jews in the Modern World AND REL 104 Creating Judaism

2.     Hebrew 101 (see adviser for additional options)

3.     JS cross-listed elective course 

4.     JS cross-listed elective course from outside the division of the primary program

5.     JS cross-listed upper-level conference or seminar 

6.     Senior Project I

7.     Senior Project II


Two semesters of Hebrew at the 200 level will count as one elective.  Senior Projects are directed by a member of the Jewish Studies faculty. The Senior Project board should include at least one member of the primary program into which the student moderated.