Updated August 13, 2018



Advising Faculty


1.     Robert Weston - Human Rights (coordinator)

2.     Susan Aberth - Art History

3.     Daniel Berthold - Philosophy

4.     Nicole Caso - Spanish

5.     Jorge Cortinas – Theater and Performance

6.     Christian Crouch – History

7.     Robert J. Culp – History

8.     Lauren Curtis - Classics

9.     Deirdre d'Albertis - Literature

10.   Michθle D. Dominy – Anthropology (leave of absence ’18-‘19)

11.    Sarah Dunphy-Lelii – Psychology

12.   Helen Epstein – Human Rights

13.   Tabetha Ewing – History

14.   Donna Ford Grover – Literature

15.   Lianne Habinek – Literature (leave of absence ’18-‘19)

16.   Elizabeth M. Holt - Arabic

17.   Laura Kunreuther - Anthropology

18.   Cecile E. Kuznitz - Religion

19.   Kristin Lane – Psychology

20.   Michael Martell – Economics

21.   Christopher McIntosh – Political Studies

22.   Allison McKim - Sociology

23.   Emily McLaughlin – Chemistry

24.   Michelle Murray – Political Studies (leave of absence fall ’18)

25.   David Nelson - Religion

26.   Yuka Suzuki – Anthropology

27.   Pavlina R. Tcherneva – Economics

28.   Eric Trudel - French

29.   Marina van Zuylen – French

30.   Jean Wagner – Theater and Performance



Concentration Requirements


Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) is an interdisciplinary concentration that envelops a broad array of scholarly domains tied thematically to an emphasis on the importance of gender (and all related elements) as a core category of analysis. Feminist in scope, an underlying belief in the equal value of all people permeates GSS domains of inquiry and study. The GSS Concentration offers cross-listed courses that consider the centrality of women, masculine gender, sexuality, and transgender issues in relation to other cultural frameworks such as race, class, age, and sexual orientation.   Students moderate into both the GSS Concentration and a primary program (e.g., Psychology, Anthropology, Literature, Biology).


Moderation Requirements:


1.     GSS cross-listed course

2.     GSS cross-listed course


In consultation with faculty from the GSS Concentration and their primary discipline, students declare a concentration in Gender and Sexuality Studies at the time of their Moderation into the primary program or thereafter at a separate Moderation board meeting.  Students must fulfill the Moderation requirements of both the primary program and the Gender and Sexuality Studies Concentration.   At least one moderation board member must be from the GSS Faculty.


Graduation Requirements:


3.     Advanced Gender Studies Seminar or Tutorial

4.     Senior Project I

5.     Senior Project II


The Senior Project in the primary program must encapsulate gender and/or sexuality inclusion and analysis.  At least one Senior Project board member should be a core faculty member from GSS.