Updated August 22, 2019



  Advising Faculty


1.     Michelle Murray - Political Studies (director)

2.     Richard Aldous – History

3.     Jonathan Becker - Political Studies

4.     Omar Cheta – Middle Eastern Studies & History

5.     Robert J. Culp - History

6.     Sanjaya DeSilva - Economics

7.     Omar G. Encarnación - Political Studies

8.     Helen Epstein - Human Rights

9.     Frederic C. Hof – Political Studies

10.   Thomas Keenan – Human Rights & Literature

11.   Peter Klein – Sociology and EUS

12.   Christopher McIntosh - Political Studies

13.   Sean McMeekin – History

14.   Walter Russell Mead - Foreign Affairs & Humanities

15.   Aniruddha Mitra – Economics

16.   Gregory B. Moynahan – History

17.   Miles Rodriguez – History

18.   Sophia Stamatopoulou-Robbins – Anthropology

19.   Yuka Suzuki – Anthropology

20.   Pavlina R. Tcherneva – Economics

21.   Drew Thompson – History



Program Requirements


The Global and International Studies Program (GISP) offers a problem-based and interdisciplinary path for the study of global and international affairs at Bard College.  Drawing on faculty strengths in anthropology, economics, history, political science, sociology and area studies programs, the GISP curriculum fosters connections among different disciplinary approaches to global phenomena so to facilitate new and innovative perspectives on international affairs. 


GISP offers courses in three Thematic Subfields (described on the website).  Students choose one of these fields to be the primary focus of their major and take at least one course in each of the remaining two fields.  Courses in the Thematic Subfields must come from at least three different disciplines. 


·         Transnationalism

·         Global Economics

·         International Relations


In addition, students:


·         complete Area Studies coursework in two geographic regions,

·         attain competency in a related foreign language, and

·         study abroad or at the Bard Globalization and International Affairs program.


Moderation Requirements:


Prior to or concurrent with moderation, a student must have taken at least four GISP courses, including one core course and three additional GISP-listed courses.  Students should identify their primary thematic subfield and have made progress toward the language requirement. 


Joint majoring with other interdisciplinary programs, with the exception of stand-alone area studies programs, is discouraged and will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the program directors. Students who plan to fulfill the study away requirement at BGIA may complete the required core course while in New York City.  Please see the program’s website for more details on moderation.


Graduation Requirements:


1.     GISP Core Course (either one 4-credit course or two 2-credit courses)

2.     course in Thematic Subfield

3.     course in Thematic Subfield

4.     course in Thematic Subfield

5.     300-level course in Thematic Subfield

6.     300-level course in Thematic Subfield

7.     Area Studies Course

8.     Area Studies Course

9.     Area Studies or Methodology Course

10.   approved foreign language course (see website for details and exemptions)

11.   Senior Project I

12.   Senior Project II