Updated August 22, 2019



Advising Faculty


1.        Marina van Zuylen - French (director)

2.        Matthew Amos French

3.        Daniel Berthold - Philosophy

4.        Katherine M. Boivin - Art History

5.        Odile S. Chilton - French

6.        Christian Crouch - History

7.        Laurie Dahlberg Art History

8.        Tabetha Ewing History

9.        Peter Laki Music

10.     Justus Rosenberg - Literature

11.     Karen Sullivan - Literature

12.     Eric Trudel - French



Program Requirements


Moderation Requirements:


1.        FREN 106 or the equivalent

2.        4-credit French Intermediate or the equivalent

3.        4-credit 200 level French Studies course

4.        4-credit 200 or 300 level French Studies course


By the time of moderation, a student must have attained a sufficient level of French proficiency and be able to display mastery of the language, spoken and written, in upper level seminars. 


Graduation Requirements:


5.        4-credit French Studies course

6.        4-credit French Studies course

7.        4-credit French Studies course

8.        4-credit French Studies course

9.        4-credit French History course or the equivalent

10.     4-credit French History course or the equivalent

11.     Senior Project I

12.     Senior Project II


After moderation, a student is required to take one French Studies course per semester (2 of which at least should be at the 300-level, in French). By the time of graduation a student should also have completed two courses chosen from the French History offering. The program strongly encourages students to spend a semester abroad during junior year. 



Sample Program of Study


First Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year


FREN 106 (12 credits)

FYSEM I (fall)

FYSEM II (spring)


FREN 201

FREN 215

HIST 146


Moderation (spring)


FREN 240

FREN 270

PS 225

LIT 315



Sr. Project I (fall)

Sr. Project II (spring)

FREN 354

HIST 3117