Division of Languages and Literature


Updated August 8, 2018


 Advising Faculty


1.     Olga Voronina Russian (director)

2.     Stephanie Kufner - German (coordinator)

3.     Matthew Amos - French

4.     Franco Baldasso - Italian

5.     Nicole Caso Spanish

6.     Odile S. Chilton - French

7.     Robert L. Cioffi Greek and Latin

8.     Lauren Curtis Greek and Latin

9.     Ziad Dallal - Arabic

10.   Elizabeth N. Holt - Arabic

11.   Jason Kavett - German

12.   Franz R. Kempf German

13.   Marina Kostalevsky Russian

14.   Patricia Lpez-Gay Spanish

15.   Oleg Minin - Russian

16.   Melanie Nicholson - Spanish

17.   Karen Raizen - Italian

18.   Dina Ramadan - Arabic

19.   James Romm - Greek and Latin

20.   Nathan Shockey Japanese

21.   Wakako Suzuki Japanese

22.   Eric Trudel - French

23.   David Ungvary - Greek and Latin

24.   Marina van Zuylen French

25.   Thomas Wild German (on sabbatical fall 18, leave of absence spring 19)

26.   Liu Xia - Chinese

27.   Li-Hua Ying Chinese



Program Requirements


Foreign Languages, Cultures, and Literatures (FLCL) comprises a number of programs based on the foreign languages currently taught at Bard: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Ancient Greek, and Latin. Hebrew and Sanskrit language classes are taught at Bard, but these two languages are not available as a major.


While each program has its own intellectual and academic plan, all are connected by the study of literature and other cultural expressions through the medium of language. Students are free to work with the languages and texts of more than one culture; thus they can combine the plans of more than one of the FLCL programs in their Moderation and Senior Project.


Common to all FLCL programs is a set of requirements for Moderation that are formulated to allow flexibility for the student while guaranteeing the focus necessary for both Moderation and the successful completion of the Senior Project.

Moderation Requirements:


1.     Demonstrated linguistic competence in the language of concentration, usually consisting of three or more semesters of language study.

2.     Competence in the literature (in the narrower sense of this word) of the culture of concentration, demonstrated by at least one course in this area, preferably a survey course.

3.     Competence in the culture of concentration through successful completion of at least one course in a related area outside of literature, such as history, philosophy, or music.


Graduation Requirements:


Post-moderation requirements are determined by the faculty in each language program. Within the interdisciplinary framework of FLCL, a Senior Project can be a purely literary project or any combination of literary and nonliterary expressions of a given culture.