Five-year B.S./B.A. Dual-Degree Program

Division of Social Studies


Updated August 23, 2019


Advising Faculty


1.     Sanjaya DeSilva (director)

2.     Kris Feder

3.     Aniruddha Mitra

4.     Dimitri B. Papadimitriou

5.     Pavlina R. Tcherneva

6.     Leanne Ussher

7.     Randall Wray



Program Requirements


The Bard Program in Economics and Finance is a five-year B.S./B.A. dual-degree program. Students receive both a B.S. degree in Economics and Finance and a B.A. degree in a field other than economics. The program is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to achieve a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences even as they prepare themselves for careers in the financial world.

The B.A./B.S. program requires 160 credits; the student must fulfill all general educational requirements of the College’s B.A. academic program.  Students must moderate in the selected B.A. program followed by a moderation in the Economics and Finance program.  Moderation requirements for Economics and Finance include those listed under the Economics program.

The B.S. degree will not be awarded unless the student also receives the B.A. degree. However, a student may elect to step out of the program at the junior year, continuing in the B.A. program. Hence, the dual-degree program is structured to allow all requirements for the B.A. to be met within four years. 

Candidates for the dual degree must complete 56 credits in economics and finance, comprising the core courses of the program:


1.    ECON 100 Principles of Economics

2.    ECON 105 Foundations of Finance and Investments

3.    ECON 200 Money and Banking

4.    ECON 201 Intermediate Microeconomics

5.    ECON 205 Mathematical Economics

6.    FIN 190 Accounting

7.    ECON 317 Industrial Organization

8.    ECON 229 Introduction to Econometrics

9.    Seminar in International Economics

10.   ECON 329 Advanced Econometrics

11.   ECON 390 Contemporary Developments of Finance

12.   FIN 391 Corporate Finance

13.   Senior Project I

14.   Senior Project II


A practicum in portfolio investing or a financial planning model is part of the Senior Project.


Sample Program of Study


First Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

Year Five


• ANTH 101

• ECON 100

• ECON 105

• FYSEM I (fall)

• FYSEM II (spring)

• elective

• elective

• elective


• ANTH 200-level course

• ANTH elective

• ECON 200

• ECON 201

• elective

• elective

• elective

• elective


BA Moderation (spring)


• ANTH 350

• ANTH 300-level course

• ECON 205

• FIN 190

• elective

• elective

• elective

• elective


BS Moderation (spring)


• ANTH Sr. Project I

• ANTH Sr. Project II

• ANTH 300-level course

• ECON 317

• ECON 229

• elective

• elective

• elective


• FIN Sr. Project I

• FIN Sr. Project II

• Seminar in Int’l


• ECON 329

• ECON 390

• FIN 391

• elective

• elective