Division of the Arts


Updated August 22, 2019


Advising Faculty


1.     Maria Q. Simpson (director)

2.     Souleymane Badolo

3.     Jean Churchill

4.     Lindsay Walker Clark

5.     Leah Cox

6.     Peggy Florin


Non-Advising Faculty:


1.     American Dance Festival, select Teaching Artists



Program Requirements


Areas of study: technique (ballet, modern, west african), composition, dance history, dance science, performance and production, dance repertory.


Moderation Requirements:


1.     7 credits of dance technique courses

2.     Dance Composition I

3.     Dance Composition II


For acceptance into the major, all moderating students must present performance-ready work for consideration in the annual spring moderation concert. Each moderating student will submit 3 essays - two as required by the college and the third essay discusses a choreographer that has influenced your artistic life.  Once accepted into the Program, students may choose to concentrate in creative work, performance, or both.


Graduation Requirements:


4.     two courses in Technique per semester, including; three Ballet courses, a minimum of two courses in a non-western dance form or practice (e.g. African diaspora, Palestinian dabkeh); 

5.     one semester of an upper level four day a week intensive

6.     Dance Composition III (not required if concentrating in performance);

7.     DAN 360 Dance History; 

8.     DAN 355 Materials of Movement/Anatomy; 

9.     Participation in a dance work/piece for performance - student and/or faculty;

10.   one Practicing Arts course outside of the Dance Program;

11.   One course in a somatic practice (e.g. Alexander Technique);

12.   Writing and/or criticism course (e.g. Philosophy of Art) by junior year;

13.   Junior Seminar - a course whose central topic will explore issues relevant to contemporary dance practice.

14.   Senior Project I & Senior Project II - which includes a required weekly writing LAB that allows  

seniors to share their research and writing with peers, under the guidance of a member of the dance faculty;


Additionally, attendance at Dance Workshop is required of all majors. Held each semester, the workshops help students prepare for any one of four annual productions. For the Senior Project in Dance, students prepare choreography, performance, or other material of appropriate scope and size for public presentation.  All Senior Projects include a 20- to 30-page paper.


 Sample Program of Study


First Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year


FYSEM I (fall)

1-2-cred DAN technique


2-cred DAN technique

DAN 217 Comp II



ART 101 Painting I

PHIL 230

2-cred DAN technique


Sr. Project I (fall)

DAN 351 Anatomy

2-cred DAN technique


FYSEM II (spring)

2-cred DAN technique

DAN 117 Comp I


2-cred DAN technique

DAN 103 Intro to

Contemporary African Dance




DAN 360 Dance History

DAN 317 Comp III


2-cred DAN technique


Sr. Project II (spring)


2-cred DAN technique