Division of Social Studies


Updated August 9, 2018



Advising Faculty


1.     Yuka Suzuki (director)

2.     Michθle D. Dominy (leave of absence 2018-2019)

3.     Jeffrey Jurgens

4.     Laura Kunreuther

5.     Gregory Duff Morton

6.     John Ryle

7.     Sophia Stamatopoulou-Robbins


Archaeologist in Residence - Christopher R. Lindner



Program requirements


Moderation Requirements:


1.     ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

2.     200-level ANTH course

3.     200-level ANTH course


All moderating students need to maintain a 3.0 or above in all Anthropology classes.


Graduation Requirements:


4.     Doing Ethnography - methods course (students who plan to study abroad in the spring of their junior year should take this course in the spring of their sophomore year).

5.     ANTH 350 Contemporary Cultural Theory

6.     300-level ANTH course (in addition to 350)

7.     ANTH elective (200 or 300 level)

8.     Senior Project I

9.     Senior Project II


 At least one of the ANTH courses must involve field research as a central component.  We also strongly recommend students take a foreign language.  Often students combine anthropology with one of the area studies programs or concentrations, such as Human Rights, Gender and Sexuality Studies, or Environmental and Urban Studies.



Sample program of study


First Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year


• ANTH 101

• FYSEM I (fall)

• FYSEM II (spring)


• ANTH 200-level course

• ANTH 200-level course


Moderation (spring)


• ANTH 350

• ANTH 300-level course

• Doing Ethnography course


• Sr. Project I (fall)

• Sr. Project II (spring)

• ANTH elective