Updated August 13, 2018



Advising Faculty


1.     Drew Thompson – History (coordinator)

2.     Susan Aberth - Art History

3.     Myra Young Armstead – History

4.     Thurman Barker – Music

5.     Christian Crouch – History

6.     Tabetha Ewing - History

7.     Donna Ford Grover - Literature

8.     Peter Rosenblum - Human Rights

9.     John Ryle - Human Rights/Anthropology

10.   Yuka Suzuki – Anthropology

11.   Wendy Urban-Mead - MAT



Concentration Requirements


Africana Studies is a concentration (a secondary field of study) that requires students to major in a primary program.  In the past, students have combined their interest in Africana Studies with History, Art History, Film, Literature, Environmental Science, and Anthropology. 


Moderation Requirements:


1.     Africana Studies core course (Africana Studies 101 or the equivalent)

2.     Africana Studies cross-listed course

3.     Africana Studies cross-listed course


Ideally, a student moderates into Africana Studies and a primary program simultaneously.  A student’s Moderation board should include one Africana Studies core faculty member in addition to the other faculty members determined by student's particular interests and area of specialization.

Graduation Requirements:


4.     Africana Studies cross-listed course

5.     Africana Studies 300-level seminar

6.     Senior Project I

7.     Senior Project II


The Senior Project Board should include at least one Africana Studies faculty member.  Students in Studio Arts and Film should discuss the Senior Project requirements at length with advisors in both Divisions.