4+1 Program


Updated August 24, 2017



The BA/MAT 4+1 program is designed to offer Bard undergraduates a path to a Master of Arts in Teaching and New York State grades 7-12 Teacher Certification in biology, history, literature or mathematics within five years of their entering college. Undergraduates receive advisement, engage in work with adolescents, and take courses that prepare them for the MAT program while they remain focused on the studies of their major. The MAT program, like the College, regards deep knowledge of subject matter to be an essential quality of a successful teacher. In the BA/MAT 4+1 Program, all of the state-mandated pedagogical practice courses and student-teaching experiences take place in year five.


Undergraduate Discipline Prerequisites


These discipline course prerequisites should be completed by the end of senior (4th) year at Bard. Note that a student does not have to be a major in these fields. For instance, a Human Rights major who has completed the literature course requirements can enter the 4+1 track in literature.



MAT-Specific Undergraduate Course Requirements


(does not count toward the 16 discipline pre-requisite credits)


Post-Graduate Courses and Field Experience (Year Five)

Please refer to the Bard MAT website at .