Devaloka: The Davis God Poster Collection

A digitalized collection of over 800 Indian god-posters (calendar prints, framing pictures), collected from 1982 to the present.  The collection is intended to serve as a resource for teaching and research in the areas of contemporary Hinduism, devotional religion, and commercial visual arts in South Asia.  Documentation and expansion of the collection is an ongoing process.  This collection is accessible, with permission, through the Bard slide library site.


Minaksi and Her Festivals

This consists in a set of over 200 photographs, with descriptive information, that visually document the South Indian Hindu temple festivals of the Minaksi-Sundaresvara temple in Madurai, Tamilnadu.  The photographs have been taken between 1982 to the present (most recently August 2007).  A descriptive essay is being prepared as a guide to the images.  The photographs will be accessible online at the website of IDEAS, the Images Database to Enhance Asian Studies: