Linking the liberal arts to the workplace

Register now for this week long, January 2014 career workshop for juniors and seniors scheduled for January 19-24. 
  • Get a mentor in your field
  • Meet interesting alums
  • Practice interviewing, public speaking and making a pitch
  • Mingle at cocktail receptions and dinners with professionals in a wide variety of fields
  • Attend job search and skill building workshops
Bard Works is designed as a mentor-based, career-oriented professional development program for juniors and seniors to prepare them for work after Bard. Specifically, Bard Works will provide participants with the tools, strategies and networking opportunities to hone their job search skills, and prepare them for success in the workplace.  Working with alumni, parents and mentors, participants will explore how to convert their Bard experience in the liberal arts to a job after college.  Meet alums in interesting careers, attend a networking reception in NYC and get assigned a mentor.

Bard Works will utilize a conference-style series of workshops, panels, small group discussions and individual counseling sessions that focus on getting a job, acquiring general career skills and strategies, plus networking and life skills in all fields of interest.  Online registration at

$150 registration fee should be paid to Bard College and sent to Associate Director/Bard Center for Civic Engagement at 30 Campus Road, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504.

 "It was a great 'real-life' experience, being immersed in something that I've never experienced before. I wasn't really sure what exactly to expect besides hearing about what people do and how they got there, and hopefully learning some useful skills regarding resumes and interviewing. But I got so much more than that. I met some wonderful people and made amazing contacts." -Maya MacLaughlin, ‘13

Pre-conference workshops available in leadership development and speech writing.

Bard Works represents the collaboration of Bard Center for Civic Engagement, Career Development Office, Alumni Affairs, Parent Network, Dean of Studies, Dean of Students and TLS.

Announcements summer 2013

Great news from the MFA program!  Anna Reich has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Lithuania for 2013-2014.  Anna will use her work in Photography to document the generational effects of war, occupations, and human rights infringements on various communities in the Baltic. The project will detail the ways in which the people and landscape have been shaped and reshaped, the way cultural symbolism and significance has been assigned, stripped, and applied anew, and the effects of prolonged change on the human condition and identity.

Please join me in congratulating Ada Petiwala '12, who has won a Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA) language fellowship
for the 2013-2014 academic year. She will spend the year in Cairo, where she will hone her language skills and continue her study of Middle Eastern politics and culture.  

Congratulations to our most recent recipients of the Fullbright Scholarships! 

~ Matthew Christian '11 (Simons Rock '09) has won a 2013-2014 Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Senegal;

~ Amith Gupta '12 has been named as an alternate for the 2013-2014 Fulbright research award to Jordan;

~ Amber Winick (BGC '12) has been named an  as an alternate for the 2013-2014 Fulbright research award to Hungary.

Congratulations to Ben Powers '14, who has won a Public Policy in International Affairs Fellowship, and to Jorge Cortinas Martinez '15. who been accepted to Middlebury College’s competitive summer language intensive program.

Congratulations to Saim Saeed '13.  In May, the New York Times published his op-ed essay 'Shouting in the Mirror', about his experiences as a Pakistani in India.

Click here to follow Willem Molesworth as he uses his Davis Peace Prize to develop a Liberal Arts Initiative in Qingdaao China.

Check out some of the great things Bard students are doing through the Center for Civic Engagement:

Daniela Anderson '12
 has left the country for her yearlong Watson Fellowship. Follow along here:

If you are a graduating senior or a alumnus interested in applying for a Fulbright Scholarship, click here,  

Congratulations to...

Ada Petiwala '12, for winning Georgetown University's Qatar Scholarship, which will provide for a year of intensive Arabic language study at Qatar University in Doha.

Isaac Moore '13, who won second place in the Jewish Theological Seminary's Excellence in Jewish Studies Award.  He won for his essay "From Division in Paris to Resistance in Vichy: The French Jewish Community during the Second World War".

Sara Forden '13, who is the recipient of this year's Asian Studies Art History Prize.  She will spend the summer in Japan doing research for ''The Chrysanthemum Throne: Flower Imagery and Symbolism in Imperial Art'.  

Justin Fernando, who has won a DAAD scholarship for graduate study in Germany.

Willem Molesworth, who has won a  Davis Projects for Peace prize to develop a Liberal Arts Initiative in China.   He will work with faculty at Qingdao University to develop a curriculum and pedagogy for a liberal arts seminar, to be offered this summer to 10-15 Qingdao University students.  The seminar will be preceded by a series of weekly conferences and talks that will address the challenges posed by the Chinese educational system and that explore solutions to them.  The goal is to for the individuals who attend the conference and the seminar participants to continue this work beyond the summer, deepening and extending the influence of the liberal arts in China.  

Lucy Schmid, who is the recipient of an NYUAD Global Academic Fellowship in Writing.   She will spend next year at NYU's campus in Abu Dhabi, where she will provide academic support for students and faculty and serve on their campus/student life staff while also pursuing her own research/writing projects.    

Daniela Anderson, who won a Watson Fellowship for her proposal Tracing Leprosy.  She will travel to Mozambique, Madagascar, India, Thailand, and Brazil to "follow the path of leprosy from East Africa to South Asia and South America, volunteering in leprosy clinics, leprosariums, and leprosy relief agencies where [she] will learn how the local histories and current interpretations of leprosy interface with clinical treatment of the disease. [She wants] to experience what it means to provide clinical care for patients in these different parts of the world and learn about what steps must be taken to eradicate the disease in each place."  

Duron Jackson, a Bard MFA alumnus, who has won a Fulbright study grant go to Brazil to study 'African Roots in Contemporary Art Practices of Brazil"- 

Sadaf Hasan ’12.  She is the recipient of a Fulbright study grant to to Jordan to study the oral Narratives of Domestic Workers in Amman".  

Rachel Van Horn ’12,  who will spend next year in Russia as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, and Maya Perlmann ’11 who will spend a Fulbright year in Jordan as a a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. 

Ada Petiwala ’12, who has been named an alternate for a Fulbright award to Morocco.

FALL 2012
Jeremy Carter-Gordon is blogging his Watson trip! 

The Fulbright awards keep rolling in... congratulations to Michael Kellner, who won a Fulbright Award to study Arabic Language and Literature in Egypt, and to Dan Severson '10, who has been awarded an English Teaching Assistantship to Taiwan.  (Our fingers are crossed, Dan, that you win the Critical Language Enhancement grant, too!)

Rachel Heidenry
wins Fulbright to study art and art history in El Salvador....

Nicholas Hippensteel '09 wins Fulbright English Teaching Assistant grant to Spain.

Congratulations to Jeremy Cater-Gordon for winning a Watson Fellowship for 2011-2012!

The Bard Palestinian Youth Initiative has won a $10,000 Davis Project for Peace prize AND took third place in the MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship.  Well done, BPYI!

Congratulations to Ada Petiwala, recipient of a 2011 Critical Language Scholars grant from the US State Department.  She will spend this summer studying Arabic in the Middle East.

More good things.... Anna Katsman presented a paper at a conference sponsored by the Graduate Program in Social and Political Thought at York University , Sasha Patkin  presented a paper at The National Conference on Undergraduate Research at Ithaca College, and Nazmus Saquib has had a paper accepted at the 12th International Conference on Muon Spin Rotation, Relaxation, and Resonance.

Thomas Murphey will spend next year in Austria as a Fulbright Scholar.  Way to go, Thomas! 

Cristeena Chitrakar is this year's recipient of the College's new Asian Studies Art History Prize.  She won for her proposal: "Research and Power- The Chitrakar Photographs"

Resources For Students And Faculty

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 Sophomores- Associate Dean of Student Affairs Lora Seery (x7031,

 Juniors- Director of Academic Advising Jennifer Triplett (x7365, or Advising Associate David Gruber (x7436;

 Seniors- Dean of Studies David Shein (x7454, or Dean of Students Bethany Nohlgren (x7454;  

 All students can receive subject-specific tutoring as well as individualized or small group assistance in writing and study skills development at the Bard Learning Commons (x7812,  

 All members of the campus community are encouraged to contact or visit the Center for Student Life and Advising (x7454) which is located in Sottery Hall and which houses the deans of student affairs, the dean of campus life, the dean of studies, the director of academic advising and academic advising associate, and the international student advisor.