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About Bard College Intensive-Language Programs

Congratulations — You are considering one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of any academic career.

About Bard College Intensive-Language Programs

Studying abroad, living another culture, and learning a new language opens endless opportunities and experiences. It can also be a lot of work lining up proper paperwork/documentation and ensuring that you receive academic credit for your studies.

Most foreign languages taught at Bard can be studied in an intensive format that offers both an accelerated pace of learning at Bard and a one- or two-month summer program in a country of the language of study. Programs, offered over the summer break, are designed to build on academic year studies and help students gain a command of a foreign language. The intensive format allows students to complete the equivalent of two years of language study in a few months. The immersion format, currently offered in German, is even more accelerated than the intensive format.

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Required Forms

Students are responsible for completing and submitting all required student forms on the Application link below by the deadline.  Additional requirements and information may be found on Bard's Study Abroad Process page.

Application 2013-2014
Contact Information (While in Transit) - Language Intensive - DUE May 5th
PAST-DUE Full e-confirmation of flight itinerary:
If you are students of Spanish, Italian, Chinese or French Intensives and have not forwarded your full itinerary e-confirmation that you received from the travel agent or site, please forward directly to Kimberly Bail at (If you previously forwarded it to Kimberly or to your professor, you may disregard).  These are required for emergency purposes. 

For Parents/Guardians

Parents and guardians are required to fill out and sign the form below by the deadline. This form may also be found within the student application above.

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Trish Fleming, Study Abroad | 845-758-7080
Kimberly Bail, Faculty Administrative Assistant: | 845-758-7017