Center for Foreign Languages and Cultures, Bard College

The CFLC offers the Bard community a wide range of tools for foreign-language learning and teaching, as well as for collaboration across curricular, linguistic, geographic, and cultural borders, including more than 4,000 foreign-language titles in DVD, videotape, audio CD, book, and other media formats. Its "smart" seminarspace consists of 20 multimedia computer stations that provide access to a wide variety of foreign language programs via the Sony Virtuoso/Soloist learning system and an integrated Alex media server. Internet, video, audio, and international TV are available and can be projected on a screen. Broadcasts from more than 20 foreign language channels, including TV5 (France), Telemundo (Latin America), RAI (Italy), NTV (Russia), and Al_Jazeera (Middle East), as well as Chinese, German, Hindi, Urdu, English, Israeli, and Japanese networks, are available for viewing in all Olin teaching spaces; recording, digitizing, editing, and digital archiving of these programs is available in the CFLC. The Center, which has an international staff, also has various tutoring spaces, a writing lab, a multimedia development room, and a reception area. Read our Mission Statement