Migrant Labor Project

We are a student-based organization that works to improve the conditions of migrant laborers and their families in New York State, particularly the Hudson Valley, through community and campus education, direct service, research, and advocacy work.

MLP also works with a coalition of organizations involved in the Justice for Farmworkers Campaign, which advances farmworker rights through a legislative agenda. Additionally, we work with local agencies and organizations dedicated to serving the migrant community. In doing so, the project helps spread awareness of services available to migrant workers, and promotes student involvement in the expansion of these services.

Past Contact(s):
Chloe Ravel (09/06/10 - 08/31/11)
Betsy Plum (09/01/07 - 10/31/08)
Julia Wentzel (09/01/07 - 08/31/08)
Sarah Lynch Thomason (09/01/06 - 08/31/07)
Owen Thompson (09/01/04 - 08/31/06)

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