Bard Nepal Leprosy Project

The Bard Nepal Leprosy Project is dedicated to the global efforts of eradicating the ancient yet curable disease of leprosy. We participate by supporting an ecovillage in Kathmandu, Nepal, where people suffering from leprosy seek refuge and medical attention. This ecovillage, the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco-Foundation (KRMEF), serves not only as a place for lepers to recover but also supports a vibrant community of conscientious thinkers and activists. Buildings have low environmental impact. Solar cookers are used to prepare meals, organic gardens take the place of empty government lots, Waldorf-trained teachers fill the run-down schools, jewelry from soap nuts and other handicrafts are carefully made by people with leprosy, and a clinic provides free biomedical and alternative treatments for the whole community. Members of our group have been to Nepal to work at the KRMEF. We have helped to build an orphanage with eco-architecture methods (using glass bottles and a mix of mud and clay); we have also established a village library. A main focus was collecting books from institutions in Kathmandu, finishing the ecobuilding, and making the furniture for the library by working with a local carpenter. The Bard Leprosy Relief Project primarily operates from afar. Students sell handicrafts made by lepers from the ecovillage on campus to raise funds as well as educate fellow students about leprosy and its implications in Nepal. Education events held by the Bard Leprosy Relief Project awaken Bard members to the reality that leprosy still exists in the world, and that creative ways to eradicate it also exist.

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Past Contact(s):
Vitor Carvalho (09/01/11 - 08/31/14)
Akshita Bhanjdeo (02/01/13 - 08/31/13)
Daniela Anderson (12/01/09 - 08/31/12)

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