Vermont Harmony Project

The Vermont Harmony Project is working to build cross-cultura understanding through music by helping to share, preserve and celebrate the singing traditions of immigrants in Vermont. We also interview immigrants in Vermont abut the role music plays in their lives to promote a better understanding of how people interact with music in different cultures. We are creating a lasting audio archive of both the vocal singing traditions and the experiences of first-generation immigrants that will serve as a resource for generations to come. We are organizing singing workshops and performances in schools and communities in Vermont and elsewhere to promote cultural awareness. We hope to teach these workshops in collaboration with the immigrants who have taught us. Music is a constructive, non-confrontational way of bridging cultural divides and creating harmony in music and community. This year we hope to do similar work in the area surrounding Bard College.   

Past Contact(s):
Jeremy Carter-Gordon (05/01/09 - 08/31/11)

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