New Orleans Exchange

Since 2005, the New Orleans Project has strived to empower New Orleanians working to rebuild their city as a more just, equitable, and sustainable place. An entirely student-run program, the Bard New Orleans Project’s members have traveled to New Orleans each year since Hurricane Katrina. More than 500 Bard students have worked to meet the needs of local communities through close partnerships with organizations such as the Broadmoor Improvement Association, McDonogh 35 High School, Andrew H. Wilson Charter School, and Bard Early College in New Orleans. Students have gutted buildings and provided summer remediation programs for high school students striving to make up for class time lost to the storm; have biannually surveyed existing property damage in the Broadmoor neighborhood and created geographic information system (GIS) maps of spatial concentrations of specific needs; have provided tutoring and facilitated arts workshops for children in elementary and middle schools; have worked at Andrew H. Wilson school as teachers’ aides and have begun a year-long Bard student–to–Wilson student dialogue that promotes literacy and cultural exchange. In addition, upwards of 30 Bard graduates have moved to New Orleans after their senior year to continue the work they encountered through this project.

Current Contact(s):
Mikhaela Singh (09/01/14 - 08/31/16)
Alanna Bortoluzzi (09/01/14 - 08/31/16)

Past Contact(s):
Virginia Hanusik (09/01/12 - 08/31/14)
Max Gavrich (09/01/12 - 08/31/14)
Moira Donegan (09/01/11 - 08/31/12)
Emily Gui (09/01/11 - 08/31/12)
Farah Akhtar (09/06/10 - 08/31/12)
Kaycee Filson (09/01/10 - 08/31/11)
Amelia Marini (09/01/10 - 08/31/11)

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