Astor Services for Children and Families

Astor Services for Children and Families in Rhinebeck, New York, functions as a school and residential space of rehabilitation, providing mental health services to children who have experienced emotional and/or physical trauma. Bard students become mentors and positive role models for these children, leading a range of activities for two hours each week. Activities are taught in a one-on-one or group setting, and range from theater and cooking to pottery and science projects; the activities depend on the shared interest of the Bard volunteer and Astor student. The project serves as an opportunity for children to be part of a safe, fun environment in which they can develop their passions and learn skills. This program helps children who are overcoming obstacles in their lives to feel appreciated, listened to, and acknowledged.

Current Contact(s):
Helena Wippick (02/01/14 - 08/31/16)

Past Contact(s):
Serena Accomazzi (02/01/13 - 08/31/15)
Hallie Greenberg (09/01/13 - 08/31/14)
Brooke Kipling (02/01/13 - 08/31/13)
Liza Miller (09/01/11 - 12/31/12)
Isabelle Coler (09/01/09 - 08/31/11)

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