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Volume 3, Number 0 July 16th, 1988


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  • Page 1

    Adult Ed Head is Planning to Quit After 21 Years Here
      -Jessie Barillaro
    Turtle Search Inconclusive
    • Study Aids Dump Foes
        -Janet Glover
    Oldsters to Arrive Here Tomorrow for Studies
      -David Galarza
    Rhinebeck Turns 300
      -Alex Kates
  • Page 2

    Russia Unrest
    Ship Attack
    Local Killing
    Drought Fund
    Estate Draws Crowds
      -Amara Wiley
    Local Dopers Angry at Paraquat Plan
      -Gregory Berl
    Foundation Gives 450 G for Chair
      -Karen Mercereau
    Lights Out in Ravine Homes Due to Timer
      -Jennifer Green
  • Page 3

    This we Believe. . .
    • Respect Jesse. . .
    • . . .Not Lloyd
    • Iran Post-Mortem
    • Lights on Now!
  • Page 4

    Will Aid a Southern Strategy
    • Bentsen a Shrewd Pick
    The Arts
    • Eastman Foams at the Hands
        -Matt Harrington


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