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Volume 6, Number 9 April 22nd, 1999


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  • Page 1

    Salman Rushdie Kicks Off National Book Tour at Bard
    • Author shares passages from The Ground Beneath her Feet, discusses its creation, and responds to audience questions
        -Ciprian Iancu
    Bard-Backed Charter School Proposed
    • New York Charter School Act allows for development of community-run institution
        -Ciprian Iancu
    New Smolny Blazes Path
    • The college, modeled after Bard, champions progressive education
        -Stephanie Schneider
  • Page 2

    Coffee Shop Opens
    • New campus center café opens to limited enthusiasm
    News Briefs
    • Doggy Takes Dive of Death From Embankment
        -Adina Esterricher
  • Page 3

    Pemstein Ready to Rock
    • Since December, new VP of development/alumni/ae affairs has brought big-city expertise to Bard's fundraising program
        -Peter Malcolm
  • Page 4

    Norman Manea and the Triumph of the Artist
    • The acclaimed writer and Bard Professor discusses personal victory in the battle between the artist and the regime
        -Ciprian Iancu
  • Page 6

    CCS Spring Shows Present Diverse Works
    • Graduate students bring year-long creative process to end
        -Kerry Chance
    Art Review
    • [Art Club Show in Fisher]
        -Even Robertson
  • Page 7

    Stanley Kubrick is Not Dead, He's Downloaded
      -D.C. Caudle
  • Page 8

    Food Review
    • [Buffet 2000 restaurant review]
        -Stephanie Schneider
    Creating a New World With Universal Power
    • A Troupe of performers takes on social issues with theatre
        -Stephanie Schneider
  • Page 9

    Film Review
    • [Steve Holland Films]
        -Anne Matusiewicz
    Two Bardians Explore Life in "Hell's Kitchen"
    • Siblings Samir and Marisa Vural produce drama in NY
        -Andy Varyu
  • Page 10

    Miss Lonelyhearts
    • Searching for G-Spots and Good Men at Bard
  • Page 11

    Perspectives in Music
    • From Blur to XTC, Via Chicago
      • Pop moves in new directions while post-rock gets promiscuous
      -Scott Staton
  • Page 12

    Rollerjam: Bastion of American Pride
    • The legendary tale of a sport that has taken up permanent residence in the heart of the American experience
        -Luke Cohen
  • Page 13

    WXBC 540 Programming Schedule Spring 1999
    A&E Briefs
    • Archeology and Egyptology, Economics and Art…
    • Student Savors Pancakes at Local Eatery
    • The Return of Alan Gampel
    • Opera Excitement Brews!
    • John Ashbury Poetry Series Continues
    • [Earth Coalition Constructing Solar Oven]
  • Page 14

    Roving Photographer
    • A Bit of Spring Fun with Paddles and Players
  • Page 15

    Letters to the Editor
    Bard Observer Editorial Policy
  • Page 16

    • On the Ground, Beneath Her Feet
        -Chris Van Dyke and John Holowach
  • Page 13

    A&E Briefs (Continued)
    • Alumnus Hume Premieres Recent Documentary
    • [Phyllis Chesler to read from her 1972 novel, Women and Madness]
    • Human Head Opens Eyes, Quotes Nietzsche
    • Unknown Toxins, Pesticides, Irreversible Genetic Mistakes: A Call to Action
    A&E Briefs (Continued)
    • Photography Lecture Series Winds Down
    • Psychics Hold Conference at Bard
    • American Symphony Chamber Orchestra


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