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Volume 5, Number 9 February 23rd, 1999


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  • Page 1

    Molinero vs. Voell: Where's the Beef
    • Tivoli Election Not Expected to Fork Lightning
        -Michael Haggerty
    Bard Trustee Skip Gates Presents CD-ROM
    • A new encyclopedia of African history, Encarta Africana, offers a multimedia account with the help of microsoft
        -Nicole Cook
    Former Black Panther Leaders Address the Power of Protest
    • Bobby Seale and David Hillard reflect on a transformative age
        -Michael Haggerty
  • Page 2

    Campus-wide Cigarette Referendum Passes
      -Amanda Kniepkamp
    News Briefs
    • Barnes, a New Man for the Millennium
        -Jessica Jacobs
    News Briefs
    • Leah LeValle Moves On
        -Jessica Jacobs
    News Briefs
    • Gadsby Takes on Registrar Position (Hint: He May Dislike the Letter E)
        -Nate Schwartz
    News Briefs
    • Addition to Woods Begins Next Month
        -David Porter Miller
    News Briefs
    • Prank Calls Cause Distress
        -Jessica Jacobs
  • Page 4

    Relocation of Arts Center to New Site Now Likely
      -David Porter Miller
    Campus Robberies
      -Ciprian Iancu
  • Page 5

    Spring '99 Budget Allotments
    From the Observer Archives: Speaking with Huey P. Newton [Liberation News Service interview]
  • Page 6

    "http://students.bard.edu/-your name" [student server on line at Henderson Computer Center]
      -Joe Stanco
    A&E Brief
    • Photo Speakers [Mark Haworth-Booth and Donald Hoffman]
    • New Music to Premiere at Bard [Kyle Gann, Lois Svard]
    • "Ten Years of Protest" in Fisher
    • Nobel Laureate Speaks [Russel Hulse]
    • Music at Bard [Horacio Gutierrez]
        -Briefs compiled by Michael Haggerty
  • Page 7

    Food Review [Thai restaurant in Kingston]
      -Stephanie Schneider
    Latin American Music Resonates on the Hudson
    • Bard celebrates neglected repertoire with Brazilian composer Lacerda
        -John Coyne
  • Page 8

    Cinderella: Dark Tale Meets English Liveliness
    • Victorian Studies and Liza Shippley bring pantomime to life with help of bawdy cast, including Registrar Peter Gadsby
        -Luke Cohen
  • Page 9

    Miss Lonelyhearts
    • Lonelyhearts Gets the Valentine's Blues
  • Page 10

    Perspectives in Music
    • The Rise of Auteurism in 70s Soul Music
        -Scott Staton
  • Page 11

    Perspectives on Alice's 8-fitted Agony
      -Devin Irby
  • Page 12

    Observer redesigns, wants new writers
    Photos of the Month
    • New Orleans, Land of Dreams
  • Page 13

    Letters to the Editor and Community
    Blatherings of an Idiot
      -Howard Megdal
    Observer Editorial Policy
  • Page 14

    Questions Raised by Gate's Presentation
      -Yates McKee
  • Page 16

    • Absurd Dreams of 1998


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