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Volume 4, Number 9 December 9th, 1998


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  • Page 1

    Dean Levine Denounces Erotic Pinup Calendar
    • The Senior Class fundraiser "Days of Decadence" 1999 Calendar branded by Bard conservatives as "Unmitigated Smut"
        -Johannes Climacus
    Bard and Montgomery Place Take Their Cases to the Board
    • Student group actively opposes Performing Arts Center site
        -David Porter Miller
    Registrar Jetto Resigns After Ten Years at Bard
    • Citing personal reasons, she plans to depart before the beginning of the spring semester
        -David Porter Miller
  • Page 2

    Stokely Carmichael dies at 57
    • Ready for the Revolution Until the End
        -Michael Haggerty
    News Briefs
    • Art Awareness Week Flourishes
    • Loney Will Stand Trial in Spring
    • Observer Editors Conduct Mach3 Test
  • Page 3

    Students Join Protest of School of the Americas
    • Bardians travel to Georgia to march for the closure of the U.S. government-run military camp for South and Central American soldiers
        -Sue Schwartz
  • Page 4

    Restaurant Review
    • Dark Existential Crisis at the Local D'n'D
      • Instituting a new policy of closing the drive-thru and midnight, a trusted Red Hook bulwark collapses into the penumbra
      -Stephanie Schneider
    Diary of a Dork…Um…I Mean…Madman
    • Self-titled "Master of the World," freshman Jurvis LaSalle killed off his friends and classmates to win at assassins—what's next?
        -Greg Johnson
  • Page 5

    The Disappearance of All Holy Things?
    • Woodstock Chamber performs world premiere of Kyle Gann orchestra, Prokofiev's second violin concerto, Beethoven's seventh
        -John Coyne
    Film Reviews
    • Berg's Very Bad Things Doesn't Deliver on Laughs
        -Anne Matusiewicz
  • Page 6

    Perspectives in Music
    • Notable Releases of the Year and What Lies Ahead
        -Scott Staton
  • Page 7

    Neurotic-Erotic Obsessions
      -MaryMary's Dildo Madness
    Westward Bound: Henderson is Rolling
    • You prayed it wouldn't happen; you longed for an end to the madness, but it couldn't be: the Stanco Henderson Update is back
        -Joe Stanco
  • Page 8

    Dance Theatre Four: No Guts, No Glory
    • From the flamenco, to satiric vitriol against machismo, to Teletubbies bouncing about eerily, the concert hit home again and again
        -Johannes Climacus
  • Page 9

    Miss Lonelyhearts
    • Miss Lonelyhearts Holiday Special
      • Because the holidays are the loneliest days of the year
        -Johannes Climacus
  • Page 10

    Bard Sports 1998: When You Lose You Win
    • Raptors, women and men alike, achieved success this season with hard work, determination and merit, despite material loss
        -Patrick Maguire
  • Page 11

    Letters to the Editor and Community
    Observer Editorial Policy
  • Page 12

    Bot-man: Leader of the P.A.C.
      -Chris Van Dyke and John Holowach


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