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Volume 3, Number 9 November 18th, 1998


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  • Page 1

    Hundreds from Bard Community Protest Fascism and Police Brutality
    • In wake of student's arrest, Bard examines protocols, Resident Director Fegan resigns
        -Amanda Kniepkamp and Jessica Jacobs
    5,000 March for Mumia
    • New developments in prisoner's case spark international mobilization, protest
        -Nicole Cook and Michael Haggerty
    Sister Cities Dinner Raises $1,000 for Hurricane Relief
    • Sickness, shortages of water, food, and medicine cripple Central America
        -Stephanie Schneider
  • Page 2

    Smolny College Agreement Cemented
    • Russian liberal arts institution but one of many schools now guided by Bard's new Institute for International Liberal Education
        -Jessica Jacobs; Reporting by Kerry Chanc
    News Briefs
    • Performing Arts Center Repartee
    • Lecture on African Economics
    • Environmental Policy Center Formed
    • Zine Library Brings Speakers
        -Compiled by Jessica Jacobs
  • Page 3

    Arts Center Impact Statement Accepted by Red Hook Board
    • Informational meeting to be held Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. in Olin 102
        -David Porter Miller
    [Speech of Hector Anderson delivered at Bard student rally at the Poughkeepsie Office of the Dutchess County Sheriff]
  • Page 5

    WXBC Snags on Tech Complications
    • Organizers are optimistic. They have conducted interviews and now plan to have the station fully underway next semester.
        -Ciprian Iancu
    Aqueous Assassins: Death Comes to us All
    • One hundred and thirty Bard students accepted the challenge: to kill their assigned targets and remain alive 'til the end
        -Pete Rodriguez; Reporting by Greg Johnso
  • Page 6

    The Tempest: Nearly Gag and Frill-free
    • Two recent Bard graduates, Jeffrey Lowonczyk and Hope Cartelli, direct literal interpretation of Shakespeare's masterpiece
    Restaurant Review
    • Reliving Log-Cabin Memories at Scheff's
      • Nearby restaurant combines friendliness and service with an eclectic atmosphere, enhanced by a plethora of novelty breads
      -Stephanie Schneider
  • Page 7

    When We Dead Awaken Provokes Varied Opinions
    • Is it to be hailed as a success then? "There is something hidden in everything you say, Irene," says Rubek in Ibsen's play
        -Luis Moreno
  • Page 8

    Perspectives in Music
    • Random Reviews: From Beck to Spiritualized
        -Scott Staton
    Neurotic-Erotic Confessions
    • Masturbation Frustration
        -By MaryMary Stein
  • Page 9

    A&E Brief
    • Modest Mouse Brings the Ruckas
    • Kind of Blue to be Performed Again
    • [Bradford Morrow brings Diane Williams to read from her novel, Excitability]
    Film Reviews
    • Orson Welles Meets Deathstalker
      • Drug Deals of Yesteryear Throw Light Upon the Present Day
      • Drecky Deathstalker Films Bask in B-movie Splendor
      -Anne Matusiewicz
  • Page 10

    The Perilous Flight of the Worm—Herr Dan Desmond: A Retrospective
      -Nick Jones
  • Page 11

    Living in the Villa Borghese: Ravine Review
    • My roommate has scabies again. I shaved him, but he's still itching. How could there be scabies in a nice place like this?
        -Howard Megdal
    Putzheads, Demagogues and Glitter: Elections 1998
    • Probing the mind of the American voter, the Observer's political analyst develops elaborate, meaningless theories
        -Howard Megdal
  • Page 12

    Blatherings of an Idiot
    • Even Ghandi Would be Pissed! And the Man Never Eats Out
        -Howard Megdal
    Tiger vs. Tiger: Exxon Seeks Damages From Cereal Giant
      -Nick Jones
  • Page 13

    Miss Lonelyhearts
    • You Could be Having Sex Right Now
    Feeling a Tad Bit Dumb in the Heart? Penguin Puts Penache in Internship
    • Savvy Bardian descends from the Zarathustrian heights to mull about in the agora of inchoate genius: the realm of the Heart
        -Nicole Cook
    Analyzing Kovel's Defeat in Senate Elections 1998
      -Susannah E. David
  • Page 14

    Letters to the Editor and Community
    Observer Editorial Policy
  • Page 15

  • Page 16

    Bot-man: Wetworks
      -Chris Van Dyke and John Holowach


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