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Volume 2, Number 9 October 29th, 1998


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  • Page 1

    Bard Student Arrest Ignites Controversy
    • Conduct of Deputy condemned by community
        -Amanda Kniepkamp and Jessica Jacobs
    BRIDGES Program Continues Bard-Red Hook Partnership
      -Stephanie Schneider
    Scrutinizing Tenure Policy: Can Bard's System Improve?
    • What is the tenure system? Hoe does it work at Bard? How should it work?
        -By Ciprian Iancu
  • Page 2

    News Briefs
    • Vigil Held for Slain Wyoming Student
    • Planned Parenthood Offers Services
    • Senior Class Officers Elected
    • Lopez Performs Weinberger
    • Boma-aca-pieci: Free Calls Anyone?
    • Attack of the Frosh, um, I mean, Firstyears
  • Page 3

    • Bard College Minority Enrollment
    How Does Tenure Work?
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  • Page 5

    Sister Cities Links Bard with Nicaragua
    • Scholarships, cooking classes, a bike project and a mini school store have succeeded in Larreynaga. Now it's time to dance
  • Page 6

    Running the Bard Internet Show: From Computer Geek to Web Wizard
    • Internet mastermind Ben Running (yes, that's his real name) on Macs, Web-access and why he's often mistaken for a student
        -Joe Stanco
  • Page 7

    Tribute Pays Homage to Bard Music Guru
    • Ben Boretz discusses with the Observer the gridwork behind his "Black/Noise" piece, which sparks both word and image
        -John Coyne
  • Page 8

    Center for Curatorial Studies' Future? It's Time to put it on Cruz Control
    • Former Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Amada Cruz, is here to bring the CCS to the world
        -Michael Haggerty
  • Page 9

    Dramatic Tension Defines "Other Places"
    • Performances of three absurdist plays brought out the bitter "music of Harold Pinter" with meticulous attention to detail
    Film Reviews
    • Frankenstein Meets Fellini
      • Bride of Frankenstein
      • Fellini's Nights of Cabria
      -Sameer Reddy
  • Page 10

    Almost Paradox: A Gender to Remember
    • Equipped with strap-on dildos, heavy cream, and pulsing tracks, Drag Race '98 breaks loose with full-tilt groovin'
        -Story by Ezra Feinberg; Photos by Amanda
  • Page 12

    Perspectives in Music
    • Pypers, Poppys, and Other Psychedelic Artyfacts'
        -Scott Staton
  • Page 13

    A Bit o' Old Mexico at the Rondout
    • Kingston's Rosita's restaurant delivers the nectar of the gods, a lightning-forking, life-changing experience in Burrito form
        -Stephanie Schneider
  • Page 14

    Bibliophile Report: the Search for a Reasonable Book Price on the Hudson
    • Alluring used bookshops in Germantown, Tivoli and Kingston still bastions of affordable books and old-world connoisseurship
        -Michael Haggerty
  • Page 15

    Neurotic-Erotic Obsessions
    • Gynecological Obsession
        -Margot Fairfaxstein
    Miss Lonelyhearts
    • The Ancient Quarrel Between Poetry-Through Mail and Fear
    A Momentary Justification of the Monster
      -Jeremy Brett
  • Page 16

    Björk, Hiccups and Plenty o' Attitude: Dance Theatre III Playful, Impetuous
      -Mahdi Shah
    Two New Exhibitions at the CCS
    • Social themes explored at the challenging, yet somewhat overemphasized, shows, entitled "Odradek" and "Yesterday Begins Tomorrow"
        -Huffa Frobes-Cross
  • Page 17

    Letters to the Editors and Community
    Observer Editorial Policy
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  • Page 19

  • Page 20

    Bot-man: The Killing Josey
      -Chris Van Dyke, John Holowach


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