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Volume 1, Number 9 September 24th, 1998


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  • Page 1

    Proposed Performing Arts Center Building Site Angers Neighbors
    • Montgomery Place contends the structure will destroy the continuity of their horizon
        -By David Porter Miller
    Protested Firing Line Airs, Diversity Debate Continues
    • Spring debate over the ACLU is broadcast, includes Students of Color protest unedited
        -By Anna-Rose Mathieson
    Boot This! Campaigns Against Brock and Parking
    • Club wants to pay tickets, end Boot, and challenge parking and road policies
        -By Jessica Jacobs
  • Page 2

    Performing Arts Center (continued)
    News Briefs
    • Student Center Hardhat Tours
        -By Nate Schwartz
    News Briefs
    • Conference on War Crimes
        -By John Holowach
  • Page 3

    Firing Line Episode (continued)
    Proposed Northern Dutchess Hospital Merger Officially Fails
    • Administrative conflicts will keep Rhinebeck's hospital a secular institution
        -By Amanda Kniepkamp
    Earth Coalition Planning Several Events, Initiatives
    • Upcoming: testing Bard's tap water, a solar oven, campus clean-up efforts
  • Page 4

    Boot This! Productions (continued)
    Student Convocation Fund Budget Allotments, Fall 1998
  • Page 5

    El Más Wicked Info-Revolution
    • Henderson Computer Center's new boss has a dream: for every community member an "information-technology dialtone"
        -Joe Stanco
  • Page 6

    Beer and Circus: Budget Forum '98
    • Another parliamentary morass of drunken debate
        -Leigh Jenco
    Green Party's Kovel Asks Voters: Why Not?
    • Former psychiatrist and activist, Bard Social Studies Professor Joel Kovel is running for the New York Senate
        -Susannah E. David and Jeff GiaQuinto
    Student Association Officers (Fall 1998)
  • Page 7

    A Lesson in Objectivity: Drama/Dance Fall Preview
    • Insider spills the beans about upcoming student plays and dance performances
        -Mahdi Shah
    The New Calling of WXBC
    • Three sophomores will soon have Bard's historic radio station back on the air
        -Michael Haggerty
    Rockin' Rabble: Royal Trux
    • No Neck Blues and the French Mistake couldn’t match the might of Trux
        -Ezra Feinberg
  • Page 8

    Perspectives in Music
    • Just Gimme Scottish Rock!
        -Scott Staton
  • Page 9

    Loss of a Legend: Akira Kurosawa
    • From his first film Sanshiro Sugata (1943) to his last Ran (1985), the Japanese filmmaker remade the categories of film
        -Dan Hirsch
    Film Review
    • The Politics of the Perfect Kiss
        -Anne Matusiewicz
  • Page 10

    Anna Margaret Jones
    • March 24, 1975—September 19, 1998
  • Page 12

    The Secret to Long-term Hook-ups and the Mystery of the NY Look
      -Miss Lonelyhearts
    Neurotic-Erotic Obsessions
    • Trading Flesh for Greenbacks
        -Margot Fairfaxstein
    The Secret Taps of Poetic Genius in Henry Fool
    • In Hal Hartley's new film a garbageman blurs the line between genius and dunce
        -Sameer Reddy
  • Page 13

    Tower's Counterpuntal Concrescences
    • As the nation celebrates her 60th birthday, composer Joan Tower continues her explorations and remakings of contemporary music
        -John Coyne
    Music Department's Fall Roster Full of Events, Large and Small
      -John Coyne
  • Page 14

    Starr Cantina's Successor: No Más, Por Favor
      -Stephanie Schneider
    Freshman Review, No. 43
    • Eddie Santiago Scores High on Humility
        -Nick Jones
    Past DeKline Coffeehouse First of Many
    • Armed with coffee and cookies, tinkering events-smith Allen Jose is changing the stature of Thursdays
        -By Greg Johnson
  • Page 15

    Observer Editorial Policy
    One Toke Over the Line
    • I Came, I Saw, I Got my Hair Cut by a Very Snookered Young Lady
        -Howard Megdal
    Letter to the Community
      -Nicole Woods, Assistant Dean of Students
  • Page 16

    Letters to the Editor
  • Page 17

    The Miseducation of the Negro an the Yellow Peril
    • 10 Questions
        -Lauren Martin and Lisa Thompson
  • Page 18

    Cross Country is Prepared to Fork Lightning
      -Janos Hajagos
    W-Raptors Soccer Fights Beyond 2-2
      -Sarah Drexler
    Women's V-ball Comes Out on the Bomb Track
      -Eva Bodula
    Whiffleball Team and its Chosen
      -John Holowach
  • Page 19

    Men's Soccer Wants Revenge
      -Jeff Rawson
    W-Tennis Gives Up Tough Loss
      -Jessica Jacobs
    Instructional Classes at Bard? Yeeee-Haw!
      -Chris Van Dyke
    Autumn Sports Schedule
  • Page 20

    Bot-man: License to Chafe
      -Chris Van Dyke, John Holowach


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