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Volume 12, Number 8 May 19th, 1998


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  • Page 1

    Computer Center Staffing Debacle Leads to Upgrades
    • Make way for tech-dom: Bard's Henderson Computer Resources Center revamps
        -Joe Stanco
    Getting It Done, Tivoli Style
    • Mayor Marc Molinero is building a town his way. Don't like it? Leave.
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
    Firing Line Protestors Force Botstein's Silence
    • Demonstrators interrupt debate on the ACLU by chanting, read demands, and prevent the President from participating
        -Anna-Rose Mathieson
  • Page 2

    The Demands [of the Firing Line Protestors]
  • Page 3

    Bard Community Reacts to the Firing Line Protest
  • Page 5

    The Bard Community Expanding to Virginia
      -Rick Eichler
  • Page 6

    Drug Raids, Militias, and Whorehouses: Bard's Glorious Past?
    • Wiles spins nostalgic tales of a bygone era
        -Nadja Carneol
    Upcoming Events
  • Page 7

    Security Guard Daugherty: Baddest Man in the Whole Damn Town
    • B24 bombers and bull-riding prepared him for twelve years at Bard
        -Abigail Rosenberg
    Car Caravan Keeps Pressure On Northern Dutchess Hospital
      -Nadja Carneol
  • Page 8

    Professor Albert Reid: An Interview
    • After nearly thirty years at Bard, he strikes out into new territory, heading for California
        -Rosalie Purvis
  • Page 9

    Record Reviews
    • Thirty Things That (May) Change Your Life
        -Joel Hunt
  • Page 10

    Mozart's Don Comes to Annandale
    • The full score of the nearly four hour opera is sung in English with charm, bawdy humor and passion
        -Miciah Gault
  • Page 11

    Anatol Disappoints With Inconsistent, Dragging Delivery
    • Yet the performance had a few breathtaking moments
        -Joe Smith
    Erotic Obsessions
    • Sardonic and Proud of It
      • Julia Louise-Dreyfus
      -Leah Zanoni
  • Page 12

    Images of the Spring
  • Page 13

  • Page 14

    The Untimely Death of Phillipe: an Encomium
    • The French cuisine of the oft empty restaurant is no more—it is yet worthy of remembrance
        -Stephanie Schneider
    Zine Scene
    • Firing Line Protest; Tips for Graduates
        -Lauren Nelson and Elissa Nelson
  • Page 15

    Israel's 50th birthday: a Time for Appreciation and Celebration
      -Oren Castro
  • Page 16

    A Veteran Editor's Swan Song: Words Fail Me
      -Meredith Yayanos
    Bard College: A Place Where You Acclimate
      -Jazil Ghias
  • Page 17

    Springer Got Style: A Defense of American "Trash TV"
      -Scott Commerson
  • Page 18

    Letters to the Editor
  • Page 22

    Firing Line Demonstration Took Only Means Available
      -Susannah E. David
  • Page 23

    Clinton's Recent Africa Tour Hardly Cause for Rejoicing
      -Michael Canham
  • Page 24

    • Bot-man Meets His Maker
        -Chris Van Dyke and John Holowach


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