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Volume 9, Number 8 March 9th, 1998


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  • Page 1

    Two Days of Workshops Confront Environmental, Social Pollution
    • Close to 180 students from 35 schools flocked to Annandale
        -Kate Mini
    A National Day to Kick the Habit
    • The Great American Meatout is Friday, March 20
        -Abigail Rosenberg
    Using the "F-word" Without Reservation
    • Bard women prove the power of NOW
        -Abigail Rosenberg
  • Page 2

    Seth Goldfine Remembered
    • Laughing, Crying, and a Whole Lot of Rugby
        -Abigail Rosenberg
    Investigating the Archaeological on and Around the Bard Campus
    • Professor Lindner guides students through the local past
        -Diana Oboler
  • Page 3

    Earth Coalition Continues Efforts to "Green" Food Service
      -Kate Mini
    The Food Committee's Latest Report
    • Tomatoes, tray bussing, and sneaking into Kline discussing last month
        -Andy Varyu
  • Page 4

    BRAVE Case Experts: a Question of Regret
    • The Counselors of BRAVE
    Global Fiasco Narrowly Avoided in Bawdy Model UN Crisis Session
    • Boozed Bard diplomats entrusted with the fate of the world
        -Anna-Rose Mathieson
  • Page 5

    Rambling Russians in Varying States of Ruins
    • A review of Tennessee Williams's The Notebook of Trigorin
        -Meredith Yayanos
    A Quick Tour of the Eye-Popping, Jaw-Dropping Dark City
  • Page 6

    Upcoming Events
    The Many Masks Behind His Face [The Mask Man, Rob Faust]
      -Nadja Carneol
  • Page 7

    Record Reviews
    • Subtitled Why Not Untitled? I Have Dozens of Titles
        -Joel Hunt
  • Page 8

    Ill Fated Mardi Gras All-or-nothing, Balls-out Road Trip Gives Yankees a Slug o' the South
    • Four students take to the highways and byways in a desperate quest for the Planet of New Orleans
        -Sonja Olson, Vic Ruiz, Nick Bodkin, Mega
  • Page 10

    Epstein Presents "Autobiography"
    • Photography lecture series rolls on
        -Stephanie Rabins
    Exploring the Myriad Roles of Curator
    • Three new student-curated exhibitions opened yesterday at the CCS
        -Lauren Feeney
    Getting Down With the Marks Quartet
    • "Do your soul thing—you liberal arts soul thing," says Marks
        -Noah Billick
  • Page 11

    Erotic Obsessions
    • The Women of Southfork
      • Ineffectually fisted and objectified poolside
      -Leah Zanoni
  • Page 12

    Happy Hour Review
    • Frank Guido's and Max Dube: plastered peas in a pod
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
  • Page 13

    Letters to the Editors
  • Page 14

    Women's Fencing Ends Season with Successful Matches
    • Raptors picked up four medals
        -Diana Oboler
    Freshman Lead Bard Men to Resounding Victory Over Cornell
      -Chris Van Dyke
    Yo Quiro Más Fútbol
    • Mi pie es más guapo que tu pie
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
  • Page 15

    Season's End for Men's Basketball
    • Last college game for three seniors
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
  • Page 16

    • Raider of the Last Salt


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