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Volume 6, Number 8 December 15th, 1997


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  • Page 1

    Registration Card Pulling Caused Delays, Aggravation
    • Frustration prompted questions about how to best collect fees
        -Nate Schwartz
    Arts Exchange
    • New grant will help support Bard-Red Hook arts partnership
        -Stephanie Schneider
    Parking Problems Bewailed
    • Packed lots, potholes, and towings irk drivers
        -Abigail Rosenberg
  • Page 3

    Student Life Committee Report
      -Janice Sandwick
    Theatre for a New Audience
    • A blab session with director/professor/playwright Jeff Sichel
        -Meredith Yayanos
    Witness Variety City
    • Bard band has EP on sale at Crazy Bird Records
        -Meredith Yayanos
  • Page 5

    In Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Eastwood Fails to Attain Consistent Tone
    • Effort to circumscribe the true-crime novel's story line causes confusion in the film version
    Arnie's Fatality Fest Recorded [Arnold Schwarzenegger]
    The Zine Scene
    • Dress Code Angst, Biker Solidarity, Lice and More
        -Elissa Nelson and Lauren Martin
  • Page 6

  • Page 7

    Album Review
    • Don't Believe the Hype?
        -Joel Hunt
  • Page 8

    Erotic Obsessions
    • Stevie Nicks 4-leatha, 4-lace, and 4-eva
        -Leah Zanoni
  • Page 9

    Rough Waters, Smooth Sailin'
    • A night with jazz legend Jimmy Cobb
        -Basil Bouris
    Eschew Individuality, Block it Off With the Trilogy
    • The philosophy of television viewing in deKline
        -Stephanie Schneider
  • Page 10

    "Too Clever by Half"
    • Lewonczyk directing Ostrovsky makes sense, but many are curious: what's with the schlong?
        -Lauren Ciborski
  • Page 11

    The Truth and Reconciliation Commission:
    • A betrayal of the martyrs who fought for South Africa's liberation from a racist government!
        -Michael Canham
    Please Don't Kill Yourself
      -Andy Varyu
  • Page 12

    The Case Files
    • Life in the Projects
        -David Case
  • Page 14

    Observer Editorial Policy
  • Page 15

    Y Chromosomes are in Doubt
    • Some male sports tend to leave out the man
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
    Bard Bloodies Brooklyn
    • Men take it hard everywhere but the hoop
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
    New Record
    • What came after was even more successful [Bard women's basketball]
    Squish Squash
    • Have ye a look at this
        -Eva Bodula and Leila Bandar
  • Page 16

    • Seven Years in Annandale-on-Hudson (continued)
        -Chris Van Dykeand John Holowach


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