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Volume 4, Number 8 November 3rd, 1997


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  • Page 1

    First-years: Fire-eaters, Chess Pros, Athletes
    • Diverse if not different
        -Scott Commerson
    Collaboration Begins With Smolny College
    • Bard forges partnership with "early college" in St. Petersburg
        -Michael Haggerty
    Planned Parenthood Offers Clinic for Students
    • Range of services available including contraceptives
        -Caitlin Jaynes
  • Page 2

    Understanding and Education
    • Five recent alcohol-related deaths on college campuses had strong impact on recent Alcohol Awareness Week
        -Nicole Cook
  • Page 3

    Meeting of Health and Counseling Advisory Committee Considers Expansion
    • Current space deemed inadequate
        -Caitlin Jaynes
    Alcohol Policy Still Hotly Debated
    • Revision Committee has met twice to consider the policies and their implementation
        -Basil Bouris
  • Page 4

    Bard's Universal Human Rights Society Organizing Diverse Array of Activities
    • November 10 through 16 punctuated with speakers, a film screening, and a raffle
    Senior Class Officers' Statements of Purpose
  • Page 5

    LASO Forum Leads the Way in Process of Securing New Prof
    • Latin American history, Atlantic Basin issues professor ought be hired, forum concludes
    Bard/Mid-Hudson Sister Cities Dance Garners Plaudits
      -Stephanie Schneider
  • Page 6

    Director, Founder of "Bosnia Theatre": Sometimes Art Wins Out Over Politics
    • A conversation with Hadzija Hadzibajramovic, actress, educator and activist
        -Irma Dedic
    The Zine Scene
    • Curators Offer More Reasons to Zine Out
        -Elissa Nelson and Lauren Martin
  • Page 7

    Collaborative Colony Installation Buzzes with Ingenuity, Ambition
      -Meredith Yayanos
  • Page 8

    Seasoned Connoisseurs Conclude: To Hell With Corporate Radio
    • Survey of radio stations available at Bard, from the totally geek to the totally chic
        -Devon Ludlow and Laurie Allen
    Restaurant Review
    • Seven West Café: Cheesecake
        -Stephanie Schneider
  • Page 9

    • Mars in Sagittarius
        -Nicole DiSalvo
    Album Review
    • A Mournful Cry: Resurrect Air-guitar
        -Joel Hunt
  • Page 10

    Catwalk on the Wild Side
    • Drag Race V provokes gyrating nudity, and cross-dressing extravaganza
        -Abigail Rosenberg
  • Page 12

  • Page 13

    Cruz's Dreams of Home Invites Viewers into Fantasy, Pre-Brechtian Indulgence
      -Rosalie Purvis
    Dance Theatre III: Amusing, Original and Precise?
      -Deirdre Faughey
  • Page 14

    South Africa's Transition to Democracy: a Big Myth?
      -Michael Canham
    The Whole is Greater Than Its Part
      -Andy Varyu
  • Page 15

    Meting Out the Tasty Flesh With Relish
      -Kris Stanley
    The Case Files
    • That Darned M-Word
        -David Case
  • Page 16

  • Page 17

    Letters to the Editors
  • Page 18

    Women's Athletics Breaks Records, Tops Expectations
    • Fall win-loss totals—31-17—made men's 2-23 look puny
        -Abigail Rosenberg
    Vollyball Wins Conference
    • Second title this year
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
    Bard's Women's Tennis Trashes the History Books
    • Raptors went 13-1 to dominate conference
    Women's Soccer Finishes with Best Season Ever
    • Bard women's sports continue to triumph
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
  • Page 19

    Men's Soccer Notches Up Another Victory
    • (The belt is in danger of falling off however)
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
    The Reds Look for a Belt to Notch
    • (Not that they have a knife)
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
    They Tore the Flesh From Its Bones
    • PETA shows Bardians the very spit of well done
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
  • Page 20

    • The Horror at Red Hook
        -Chris Van Dyke and John Holowach


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