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Volume 3, Number 8 October 20th, 1997


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  • Page 1

    Hospital Merger Opponents Speak to Community
    • Save Our Services representatives address impact on women's healthcare
        -Michael Haggerty
    Dario Fo, Political Satirist and "Jester," Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature
      -Meredith Schafer
  • Page 2

    Hey Yooo Guys… [Observer Policy Statement]
      -Meredith Yayanos
  • Page 3

    Just Desserts at Rhinebeck's Quaint Calico
      -Stephanie Schneider
    You Go Grrrl: Zine Library Runs Riot in Root Cellar
      -Elissa Nelson and Lauren Martin
  • Page 4

    Post-Post Björk Album Release is oh so Quiet
      -Meredith Yayanos
    L.A. Confidential Entertains But is the Cost Too Great?
      -Nate Schwartz
  • Page 5

    Upcoming Events
    The Legendary Band Max Dube Crosses the Street
    • Bard band gets gig at townie staple
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
  • Page 6

    Drag Race V
      -Abigail Rosenberg
    Reggae Legend Cliff Still Smokes in The Harder They Come
      -Basil Bouris
  • Page 7

  • Page 8

    Ye Olde Bitchin' Post
    • The Nothing at Bard, Witness a New Lifestyle: Simplied, Easy, Boring
      • Seasoned veterans of the social scene sing a lamentation
      -Seth Gillim and Jen Colasuonno
    Letters to the Editors
  • Page 9

    The Case Files
    • Reduce, Abuse, Recycle
        -David Case
  • Page 10

    Observer Editorial Policy
  • Page 11

    By the Skin of the Scrum
    • Ruggers' chance to put one on board slips through fingers
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
    Scores and Schedules
    Women's Soccer
    • Bulls not ready for pasture
        -Paige Taylor
    Hockey Schedules
    Near-Perfect Women's Tennis Approached Finale
      -Vena Williams


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