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Volume 1, Number 8 September 22nd, 1997


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  • Page 1

    Burning Down the House: Tunga Exhibition at CCS
    • Multimedia show over two years in the making
        -Yates McKee
    Alcohol, Drug Policies Take Drastic Effect
    • Story by Basil Bouris; Reporting by Jeff GiaQuinto
    Sheriff Considers Cutbacks in Rape Case
      -Meredith Yayanos
  • Page 2

    Hospital Merger Affects Local Women's Health Care
    • Controversy surrounds Northern Dutchess-Benedictine hospital's union
        -Michael Haggerty
    Community Awareness Day Approaching
      -Abigail Rosenberg
  • Page 3

    Self Defense Training Instills Confidence
      -Stephanie Schneider
    Fall Budget Forum: Brief, Bland and Even Beautiful
      -Sevil Miyhandar
    Get a Life: SLC Addresses Student Issues, Questions
    • Member points to three immediate problems
        -Shuli Arieh
  • Page 4

    Upcoming Events
  • Page 5

    Convocation Fund Awards
  • Page 6

    Memphis Slandered by Red Hook Rib-joint
      -Caitlin Jaynes
    Memphis Slandered by Red Hook Rib-jointDisplaying the "Tackle" to Earn a Bit of Quid
    • Robert Carlyle and Pals Share All in the Full Monty
        -Nate Schwartz
  • Page 8

    David Smith at Storm King
    • Local artist celebrated at 500-acre sculpture museum
        -Nate Schwartz
    First-year Survival 101
    • A local guide to gastronomy and zymurgy (grub and grog)
        -Abigail Rosenberg
  • Page 9

    ASO Glibly Navigates Troubled Waters
      -Meredith Yayanos
    The Truth About G-Spots and Golf Balls
      -Nate Schwartz
  • Page 10

  • Page 11

    Tivoli: After the Bard Exodus
    • Spending the summer as a member of small community intrusive
        -Abigail Rosenberg
    Earth Coalition Excited to Begin on Fall Agenda
    Observer Editorial Policy
  • Page 12

    The New Enforcers in Words and Practice
    • New policies infringe upon students' rights, fundamental liberties
        -Ian Collin Greer
    Sarcasm Strikes Deep, Into Your Life it Will Creep
      -David Case
  • Page 13

    Issues of Sexuality on the Bard Campus
      -Jess Adams
    Thank You, No Comment
      -Shawnee Barnes
  • Page 14

    Fun at the Net
      -Abigail Rosenberg
    Scores, Schedules
      -Jeremy Dillahunt
    Fall Season Sports Revamp Champs
      -Abigail Rosenberg
    Strong Like Bull, Sexy Like Woman
      -Paige Taylor
  • Page 15

    Bard to Appoint New Mascot
      -Jeremy Dillahunt
    Rugby Ritual and the Grisly Supping of Drinking-Boot
      -Jeremy Dillahunt
    Men's Soccer: Off to a Slow Start
      -Jeremy Dillahunt
    On Empty… [cross-country]
      -Scott Commerson
  • Page 16

      -Chris Van Dyke and John Holowach


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