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Volume 5, Number 7 December 11th, 1996


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  • Page 1

    SLC Campaigns Against Guess
      -Jeff GiaQuinto
  • Page 2

    Health and Counseling Services
      -Lilian Robinson
    Alumni Nostalgia Appeased by Art
      -Meredith Yayanos
  • Page 3

    At What Price Sexual Freedom?
      -Abigail Rosenberg
    Submitting to the Bard Papers
    • A Possible Alternative to Wallowing in Pathetic Obscurity, Regretting Your Marked Lack of Ambition Until Some Day in the Distant Future Death Releases You from Your Decidedly Slothful Existence and Delivers You, Lamenting Your Lack of Vision, to the Void
        -Meredith Yayanos
  • Page 4

      -Kee-kee the Wonder Chimp
    Jacques and the Twinkie [Cartoon]
      -Lacan and Derrida
  • Page 5

    Digressions, Dentures, Drunks
      -John Holowach and Chris Van Dyke
    Emmett Was Here
      -Lauren Feeney
    The Twinkie [Cartoon]
      -Tom and Bob Hostess
  • Page 6

    Music Department Professes Admirable Faculties
      -Meredith Yayanos
    The Wonderful World of Twinkies
      -Tomax and Xamot
  • Page 7

    The Happy Hour Review
      -Jeremy Dillahunt, John Rosenthal, August
      -John Rosenthal
    The World According to Twinkies [Cartoon]
      -The Captain and Taneal
  • Page 8

    Kranky Makes Hunt Happy
    • Jessamine, "The Long Arm of Coincidence"
    • Labradford, "Labradford"
        -Joel Hunt
    Twinkieville [Cartoon]
      -Jermaine and Tito
  • Page 9

      -Nicole DiSalvo
    Beyond Twinkiedome [Cartoon]
      -I. Master and U. Blaster
  • Page 10

    The Somnambulist
      -Pedro Rodriguez
    Beer Hurling and Other Patriotic Endeavors
      -Diana Oboler
  • Page 11

    Tenacity and Tenure
      -Eric Swanson
    Editorial Policy
  • Page 13

    Flik Workers Ask for Support
      -Flik Employees
    Disgruntled Interviewer Retorts
      -Anna-Rose Mathieson
  • Page 14

    More Scenes from Registration
    • [Photographs]
  • Page 15

    An Announcement by BUF
    • BUF co-chairman
        -Jeremy Dillahunt
    A Dissertation from FLAB
    • FLAB Uberstrum-Liddyfuhrer
        -John Rosenthal
    • Lost and Found
    • Wanted
    • Announcements
  • Page 16

    Bot-man and Levine Boy
      -John Holowach and Chris Van Dyke


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