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Volume 25, Number 102 May 17th, 1995


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  • Page 1

    Accident Leaves Student Injured
    • Driver arrested after crash at Olin construction site
        -Joshua Ledwell
    Student Forum Elects New Reps
    • The year's last meeting produces new committees, but no new resolution
        -Pedro Rodriguez
  • Page 2

    Serve the Community
    • The Bard Social Action Workshop seeks interested students
        -Linnea Knollmueller
    Security Update
      -Joshua Ledwell
  • Page 3

    Surfing the Net
    • More discoveries from the World Wide Web
        -Joshua Ledwell
  • Page 4

    What's What
    • A last indulgence in weekly righteousness
        -Sean O'Neill
    Bard Spring
    • In 1997, Alice goes to the Wonderland of SuperMenage 8
  • Page 5

    Student Athletes Honored
    • League standouts named in fencing, volleyball, and tennis
        -Joshua Ledwell
    Athletic League Softball
    • Trash talk and forfeits characterize the end of the season
        -David Hyde
  • Page 6

    Bard Misses Another
    • Bard Vocal Ensemble performs, premiers Gould choral piece
    Editorial: Save Callanan
      -Pedro Rodriguez
    Performer Acknowledged
      -Jason Durham
  • Page 7

    Abolish the Q-course
      -Seth Gardner Prouty
    Classifieds and Personals
  • Page 8



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