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Volume 24, Number 102 May 10th, 1995


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  • Page 1

    Federal Workers Remembered
    • Candlelight vigil held in Poughkeepsie in aftermath of Oklahoma bombing
        -Linnea Knollmueller
    Living in the Age of AIDS
    • Professors, students share their experiences
        -Joshua Ledwell
  • Page 2

    Radio Bard College
    • WXBC is back on the air
        -Linnea Knollmueller
  • Page 3

    Urban Studies Inaugurated at Bard
    • Five area schools will study Poughkeepsie area
        -Sean O'Neill
    Security Update
      -Pedro Rodriguez
  • Page 4

    What's What
    • Retiring official speaks out on reform
        -Sean O'Neill
    Bard Spring
    • All standard of decorum collapse, along with the plot
        -Sean O'Neill
  • Page 5

    Softball Playoffs Begin
    • American Dream will defend Athletic League Title
        -David Hyde
    Tennis Season Ends
    • Final game cancelled
        -Joshua Ledwell
    Real World Sports
      -Joshua Ledwell
  • Page 6

    The End of Affirmative Action
    • Law Professor Patricia Williams lectures
        -Joshua Ledwell
    AIDS Information at Bard and Beyond
  • Page 8

    Russian Environmentalist Speaks Out
    • Maria Tysiachniouk pioneers a new consciousness in the East
        -Laurie Curry
    Play Anonymously Reviewed [La Vie en Rose]
    • The secret reviewers pan latest theatre offering
  • Page 9

    Bach Bach Bach!
    • Card College Community Chorus performs
        -Pedro Rodriguez
    Final Spring Symphony
    • ASO plays well in semester's last concert
        -Pedro Rodriguez
  • Page 10

    Film Committee Statements of Purpose
      -Daniel Martinico, Helder Mira, Alex McGr
    Educational Policies Chair Statement of Purpose
      -Jennifer A. Abrahms
  • Page 11

    Lack of Security
      -Michael-James McGregor
    Women Graduates Return to Bard
      -Jennifer Hames
    Classifieds and Personals
  • Page 12



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