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Volume 23, Number 102 May 3rd, 1995


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  • Page 1

    Forum Passes Election Results
    • Emergency Forum proceeds with aplomb
        -Pedro Rodriguez
    How Does the Press Cover Rape?
    • BRAVE sponsors lecture
  • Page 2

    Security Update
      -Pedro Rodriguez
    Bard Opinion Table Feedback
      -Allen Josey
  • Page 3

    Opinion Table Feedback Continued
    Philosophy and Poetics
    • Leonard Schwartz reads from his recent work
  • Page 4

    What's What
    • Thoughts on current events in Washington, D.C. [Contract for America]
    Bard Spring
    • An excerpt from Sandeep's just submitted senior project
        -Sean O'Neill
  • Page 5

    Blazers Dominate Polytechnic
    • Tennis team prospers under new coach
        -Joshua Bell
    Intramural Softball Heads into Playoffs
      -David Hyde
    Real World Sports
      -Joshua Bell
  • Page 6

    Educational Policies Committee Chair
      -Imteaz Mannan, Shelleen Greene
    Student Association Treasurer
      -Justice Platt, Bryan Shelton
    Student Life Committee Chair
      -Joshua Bell
  • Page 7

    Representatives to the Board of Trustees
      -Wendy Grunseich, Mostafizur ShahMohammed
    Representatives to the Alumni/ae Association
      -Shellen Greene
    Student Judiciary Board Chair
      -Simon Marcus, Mostafizur ShahMohammed
    Planning Committee Chair (uncontested)
      -Mohammed Toufique Khan
  • Page 8

    Student Association Secretary
      -Luis Alcazar-Roman, Brandon Weber
    How Safe Are We?
      -Pedro Rodriguez
    Oklahoma Vigil
      -David Kettler
  • Page 9

    Unto Every Person There is a Name (Yom Hashoah)
      -Sandy Kahn
    Volunteer Transportation
      -Malia DuMont
    Smoking Dorms
      -Kristin Oland
    Lyme Disease Info on Reserve
  • Page 10

    Yarden Protests Tomson Firing
      -Elie Yarden, Professor Emeritus of Music
    No Love at Bard
      -Shawn Milburn
  • Page 11

    More Security Needed on Campus
      -Matthew Johnson
    Career Office's Books Stolen
      -Maureen Forrestal
    Classifieds and Personals
  • Page 12



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