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Volume 22, Number 102 April 26th, 1995


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  • Page 1

    Athletic Director
    • Joel Tomson dismissed from Bard for undisclosed reasons
        -Joshua Bell and Joshua Ledwell
    Students Discuss Rape
      -Linnea Knollmueller
  • Page 2

    Potter Lounge Burns
    • Fire raises questions of safety
        -Kristin Oland
    Security Update
      -Pedro Rodriguez
  • Page 3

    In Support of Democracy
    • Bard graduate lectures of the future of Russia [Mark Nichols, '91]
        -Joshua Ledwell and Linnea Knollmueller
  • Page 5

    A Vegetarian Dorm?
    • Room Draw 1995 features creative new ways to live
        -Joshua Ledwell
    Midnight Run Report [Mid-Hudson Run Program]
      -Rich Kelly
  • Page 6

    What's What
    • In "the media" public enemy number one?
    Bard Spring
    • Recalling Annandale in the year 400 B.C.
        -Sean O'Neill
  • Page 7

    Blazers Drop Two Matches
      -Joshua Bell
    Real World Sports
      -Joshua Bell
    Intramural Softball
      -David Hyde
  • Page 8

    Professional Dancers Come to Bard
    • David Parker Dance Company performs
    ASO Plays to Meager Audience
    • Indirect Insult to UN or high art hypocrisy
        -Pedro Rodriguez
  • Page 9

  • Page 10

    My Two Cents
      -Michael Poirier
    Community Meeting on Campus Safety
      -Julia Wolk
    Theft Angers Student
      -Jonas Eno-Van Fleet
  • Page 11

    Summer Health Insurance
      -Eileen Hilbrant
    Non-Student Housing
      -Hilton Weiss
    Editorial Choice Questioned
      -Helen Louise Richardson
    Classified and Personals
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