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Volume 26, Number 101 May 11th, 1994


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  • Page 1

    Things Continue to Heat up in Bosnia
    • Croatian Ambassador on the war
        -Sean O'Neill
  • Page 2

    Classifieds and personals
  • Page 3

    A Future for Public Relations?
    • Commentary on Dr. Slobodan Lang's talk concerning recent events in Bosnia
        -Josh Ledwell
    New Opportunity to Study Abroad in India
      -Marni Kotak
    All Nine EPC positions up!
  • Page 4

    Student Representative to Board of Trustees
    Planning Committee Chair
  • Page 5

    Straight From the Stars
    Shameless Filler!
      -Matthew Gilman
  • Page 6

    The Beginning of the End
    • Teams close out the grueling four-game season at Tewks
        -Matthew Apple
    The Bard Cricket Report
  • Page 7

    Gabor Mouthes Off [Bard Softball]
      -Gabor Bognar
    Take Action Now! [Henderson Computer Center, Wood Food Service]
      -Andy Gilman
  • Page 8



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