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Volume 23, Number 101 April 20th, 1994


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  • Page 1

    Reading the fine print
    • Contract with Barnes and Noble prohibits co-op considered by Forum
        -Michael Poirier
  • Page 2

    Theft Continues
    • Security reports more vandalism and robberies
        -Michael Poirier
    Classifieds and personals
  • Page 3

    Max Moore: Detective in Moneytown
    • Charge card sleuth offers financial advice
        -Jeana C. Breton
    The Snapper and Sirens
    • Oh well, maybe next week
        -Shawn Taylor
  • Page 4

    SEAC Comes to Bard
      -Carrie Duggins
    Straight From the Stars
    Shameless Filler!
      -Matthew Gilman
  • Page 5

    A Few Tips on Internships
      -Sidney Derman
    Bard Glossary of Terms
      -Sean O'Neill
  • Page 6

    Blood Samples
    • Poems to Sober Bard
  • Page 7

    Another View on Date Rape: Taking Responsibility for Yourself
      -Tara Lynn-Wagner
    SEAC Invites Clubs to Join Fair
      -Sara Forrest
  • Page 8

    The Pain and Beauty of El Salvador
      -Hiromi Yanaoka
  • Page 9

    The Truth About Central America
      -Hiromi Yanaoka
  • Page 10

    Softball and Stuff
    • Our new/old sportswriter hits the keyboard once more
        -Matthew Apple
  • Page 11

    Student Life Committee Report
      -Laurie Curry
  • Page 12



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