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Volume 12, Number 101 December 1st, 1993


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  • Page 1

    Heading out safety
    • New walkway in progress to put worried pedestrians at rest
        -Jeana C. Breton
  • Page 2

    Wasted resources
    • Alumni offer programs to help students
        -Michael Poirier
    Classifieds and personals
  • Page 3

    November faculty meeting in review
      -Jeana C. Breton
    Looking for clues
    • Security investigates recent campus burglaries
        -Michael Poirier
  • Page 4

    Safety and moderation?
    • Drugs and alcohol at Bard
        -Jeana C. Breton
    Test your Alcohol I.Q.
  • Page 5

    Dead Goat Notes
      -Greg Giaccio
    Shameless Filler!
      -Matt Gilman
  • Page 6

    unbard love
      -Sean O'Neill
    Life in a fish bowl
      -Justine Gardner
  • Page 7

    A Transposition of the Words and Songs of Bob Marley from the Video
      -Lion Zion Wadada
    Nefarious Necromancy
    • (this week's horoscopes)
  • Page 8

    Cavalcade O' Movies II
    • Al Pacino, Addams Family, Robert Altman, and a Fear of Flying
        -Shawn Taylor
    DeKline quits delivering
    • Here's why
  • Page 9

    Fixing for victory
    • Bard's winter sports teams off to a good start
        -Matt Gilman
  • Page 10

    Where we live
      -Jeana C. Breton
    The Addition
      -Hilton Weiss
    Student Life Committee Report
      -Goldie H. Gider
  • Page 11

    A letter from St. Petersburg
      -Ryan Lee
    Hudson-Bard youth Corps
    • Student Association Secretary
        -Malia DuMont
  • Page 12



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