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Volume 19, Number 100 March 10th, 1993


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  • Page 1

    International Discrimination
    • Allegation of unfair hiring practices at Bard College
        -Michael Poirier
  • Page 2

    Security Beat
      -Michael Poirier
  • Page 3

    Faces of Bard
    • Hoa Tu
    • Fred Foure
    News in Brief
      -Jeana C. Breton
  • Page 4

    Another View
    EPC Summary of Presidential Commission on the Curriculum
    To the Author of "Is That Afro for Real?"
  • Page 5

    Revision Revulsion—a critical view of the proposal
      -Sean O'Neill
  • Page 6

    Shameless Filler!
      -Matt Gilman
    "Enough Talk About You, Let's Talk About Me"
      -Oscar Figueroa and Elise Kanda
    Madame the Gypsy Queen's Weekly Horoscope
  • Page 7

    Dead Goat Notes
      -Greg Giaccio
    Pride: the Price of Equality
      -Staci Schwartz
    International News Review
      -Rueben Pillsbury
  • Page 8

    Music and Politics
    • A personal interview with Joan Tower
        -Robin Kodaira
    Catherine Schieve
    • To remove a position but not to remove a person [Music Program Zero—MPZ]
        -Sebastian Collett
  • Page 9

    Richard Teitelbaum
    • Electronics professor on the eve of the next century
        -Anne Miller
    Thus Spake Daron Hagen
    • The professor of composition has a few things to say
        -Robin Kodaira
  • Page 10

    "Drink! Sing! Be Marry!"
    • Middlebury Russian Choir sings at Bard
        -Linnea Knollmueller
    Classifieds and Personals
  • Page 11

    Physical Evidence
    • New York City artists exhibit at Proctor
        -Anne Miller
  • Page 12

    Inanimate and Incompetent
    • The disappointing Coach of the Holy Sacrament
        -Michael Poirier
  • Page 13

    The Good News
    • Volleyball just keeps getting better
        -Matt Gillman
    Amer Latif—Bard's Squash Stud
      -Joel Rush
  • Page 14

    In One Ear and Out the Other
      -Matthew Apple
  • Page 15

    Excerpt from a letter to Pres. Botstein [Rehiring of Leo Smith]
      -Luan Zherka
    Copyright Infringement
      -Max Hoeber
    Emergency and Laundry Fund
      -Dara Silberman
  • Page 16



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