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Volume 10, Number 98 November 2nd, 1990


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  • Page 1

    Multicultural and Ethnic Studies Concentration Established
      -Emily Horowitz
    Luncheon Brings Issues, Information to Surface
      -Tom Hickerson
    Red Hook Resident Vies With Incumbent for Assembly Seat
      -Jason Van Driesche
  • Page 2

    Tea on Tuesdays
      -Emily Horowitz
    Election Rundown
    The Origins of Breakdancing
      -Lynda Fong
  • Page 3

    School Spirits Alive and Haunting
      -Greg Giaccio
  • Page 4

    Improved Facilities and Awareness Could Cure Bard's Handicap
      -Lavinia Yocum and Kristan Hutchison
    The New York State Code
  • Page 5

    Thoughts on the Politics of the World and Bard
      -Jonas Savilion
    Manifesto of Passion
      -Joseph Silovsky
    Spandex's Return
      -ZZYZX (David Steinberg)
  • Page 6

    Chris Isaak's Heart Shaped World
      -Gregory Donovan
    Cavino's First Novel
      -Gregory Donovan
  • Page 7

    Do You Know Who Akira is?
      -Gregory Donovan
    Poem of the Week
    • To a Wicked Window
        -Justin Nicolas
  • Page 8

    Warmup for Winter in the Stevenson Aerobics Room
      -Kristan Hutchison
  • Page 9

    Classifieds and personals
  • Page 10

    Outlook From the Editor's Sanctum
    • A Test for Tests
    • Member of SHB Concerned About Publicity
        -Susan E. D'Agostino
  • Page 11

    • Sexual Harassment Section One-Sided
        -Jeremy R. Miller
    • Morgan Not the Only Concerned Administrator
        -John C. Seco
    • Coverage of Sexual Harassment Hit Home
        -Michael Connelly
  • Page 12



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