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Volume 7, Number 98 October 5th, 1990


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  • Page 1

    Bard EMS May Be Reinstated
      -Emily Horowitz
    Forum: Food, Funds, and Free Elections
      -Emily Horowitz
    "Poughkeepsie 21" to Plead Not Guilty
      -Jason Van Driesche
  • Page 2

    January Internship Program
      -Tanya Panim
    Tetris to be Removed From Coffee Shop
      -Angela Alexander
    EPC and Department Solve Math Problem
      -Greg Giaccio
    Sexual Harassment Confronted
  • Page 3

    The Distillation of a College's Character
      -Tatiana Prowell
  • Page 4

    Bard's Field Station: What Goes Down There, Anyway?
      -Tom Hickerson
    Love, Sexuality, and Dance Midrash
      -Kristan Hutchison
  • Page 5

    Judge Notů
      -Lisa Folb
    "Hypothetical" Freshman Unreasonably Attacked
      -Jennifer Reck
    Club Forum
    The Martin Luther King Institute for Nonviolence, Bard Chapter
      -Scott Heckendorf and David O'Reilly
  • Page 6

    Billy Name Remembers Warhol Day
      -Emily Horowitz
  • Page 7

    Phish at the Chance: Bardians Sing Out
      -Anna K. Lukash-Harrison, M. Stimac, D. S
  • Page 8

    Croquet: The Gentle But Wicket Game
      -Jody Apap
    The Athlete's Repertoire
      -Greg Astor
  • Page 9

    Classifieds and personals
  • Page 10

    Outlook From the Editor's Sanctum
    • No Dictates, but Guidance Welcome
    EMS: Administration, not Convocation
  • Page 11

    • Reader Takes Issue With Gaughran Letter
        -Cara Graninger
    • Convenience Store Article Connections
        -Jash Kaufman
    Conservationwize Tips
  • Page 12



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